Smash star ZeRo sues former roommate Jisu over sexual misconduct allegations

Smash pro Zero looking at cameraYouTube: ZeRo

Smash star Gonzalo ‘ZeRo’ Barrios has sued former Sky House roommate Jacqueline ‘Jisu’ Choe over sexual misconduct allegations dating back to July 2020. Jisu alleged ZeRo had solicited sexually explicit videos from underage girls, as well as physically abused his now-wife Vanessa.

ZeRo was one of many Smash Ultimate players named by various community members during the re-emergence of the #MeToo movement in July 2020.

Jisu, ZeRo’s former roommate in the Sky House, alleged he would show her sexually explicit material while underaged in their room. She also claimed ZeRo was abusing his now-wife Vanessa in the early stages of their relationship.

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ZeRo originally admitted to the sexual misconduct allegations on July 4, 2020. However, in his November 16, 2021 response, he stated he was working on a lawsuit “with some of the involved parties” and denied the sexual misconduct allegations.

That lawsuit has since been filed in Los Angeles, dated November 19.

ZeRo returns to YouTubeYouTube: ZeRo
ZeRo has filed a lawsuit against former roommate Jisu claiming her July 2020 statement was defamatory and caused emotional damage.

In it, ZeRo alleges Jisu’s July 2020 statement “included multiple falsehoods and outright defamatory claims against [ZeRo] and others.”

Jisu’s claims did “irreparable damage” to his reputation, the lawsuit claims, including the termination of ZeRo’s contracts with Tempo Storm and Facebook Gaming. The lawsuit claimed the total value of the contracts lost was over $2 million.

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The lawsuit alleged Jisu lied about the differences in their age. Jisu originally claimed his now-wife was 15 while ZeRo was 20 when they started dating, but ZeRo is only two years older than her.

ZeRo denied the claims of “constant physical abuse” against his now-wife, as well as showing sexually explicit material to Jisu while they lived together in the Sky House. However, he did not address allegations he solicited sexually explicit videos from a 14-year-old girl in the lawsuit, but did deny offering to fly another underage girl to perform sexual acts.

The former Smash pro has filed for an unspecified amount.

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ZeRo breaks silence on allegationsFacebook/ZeRo
ZeRo has recently returned to content creation as of November 2021, over a year after the allegations were first made public.

Jisu has started a crowdfunding campaign to fund the lawsuit, with the artist stating she is “disappointed” ZeRo took legal action.

“Last year I used my platform to expose his sexual abuse of children. He admitted it but now denies it and claims he lost his career because of me, not because he’s a pedophile,” she said on November 30.

“I am angry, I am tired, but mostly– I am disappointed. Disappointed that those who abuse others cannot accept the consequences of their actions, and disappointed in those who continue to support them.”