MkLeo responds to Smash Ultimate Summit drama after loss to 16-year-old prodigy

Michael Gwilliam
MkLeo responds to calls to play Joker

Smash Ultimate star Leonardo ‘MkLeo’ López is widely considered to be one of, if not the best player in the game today, but a recent loss to prodigy Edgar ‘Sparg0’ Valdez has left many questioning his fighter choice.

MkLeo has been considered the best Smash Ultimate player for quite some time, with numerous accolades including a first-place finish at EVO 2019.

He notably brought DLC fighters Joker and Byleth into the spotlight by maining them to great success, but has recently put the Persona character on the backburner.

This decision was met with controversy following his 4th place finish at Smash Ultimate Summit 4 where he lost to Cloud main Sparg0 and Japan’s Naoto ‘ProtoBanham’ Tsuji.

MkLeo responds to calls to play Joker again

After losing a stunning four-game set to Sparg0 in winners’ semis and then falling to ProtoBanham in the lower bracket by playing Byleth and Pyra/Mythra respectively, some fans felt López should have went Joker.

“No people I’m not playing Joker…it’s about adapting just like I did after last Summit,” he said, referencing how he placed 2nd at Smash Ultimate Summit 3. “Stop. Not gonna switch cuz of one ‘bad result.’”

However, his Joker may return on one big condition, as the Mexican star added that if his losing ways continue or if he struggles against MinMin, he would opt for the Persona fighter once more.

Leo further stated that he was going to be “try harding” at the next major tournament, Collision, where he will once again be competing against his new rival in Sparg0.

Luckily for the former EVO winner, he won’t have long to wait for his revenge, as the tournament is scheduled for March 12-13.

As for Sparg0, he managed to emerge triumphant at Smash Summit, earning his first-ever major tournament win. He followed this up by winning the G4 Invitational the day after, showing that he’s the man to beat in the Smash scene at the moment.

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