MkLeo blasts Smash Ultimate haters saying he “stole” Chag’s girlfriend amid event slump

mkleo addresses smash ultimate resultsLuminosity/Nintendo

Smash Ultimate star Leonardo ‘MkLeo’ Lopez Perez is hitting out at haters blasting him for recent results and dragging his girlfriend into things.

MkLeo is considered by many to be the greatest Smash Ultimate player of all time. He has won numerous stacked events from EVO to Genesis in his storied career.

However, things have begun to look a bit lackluster for the Joker main. While Faze’s Edgar ‘Sparg0‘ Valdez, Sonic superstar Carlos ‘Sonix’ Pérez, and Mashita ‘acola‘ Hayato have been fighting for first in the world, Leo has fallen below his seed leading many to suggest that his era is over.

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Unfortunately, this hasn’t hit well with the Smash fandom who have harassed Leo, blaming his performance on his girlfriend and even accusing him of “stealing” her from fellow Mexican competitor Santiago ‘Chag’ Perez.

MkLeo demands haters leave his girlfriend alone after Smash Ultimate results

On August 2, a few days after MkLeo finished fifth at Smash Factor X, the Luminosity star addressed criticism of his recent performances and the abuse his girlfriend had received.

“I get why people would make fun of me, you guys got no life and want to rely your happiness on a player’s result at a tournament,” Leo said. “I don’t really care what you guys say about my results, I guess I just don’t care about Smash like I used to do before.”

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It’s uncertain here if Leo was being sarcastic or if he really has lost a bit of his interest in Smash, but the Mexican icon made it crystal clear that he won’t tolerate haters going after his girlfriend.

“Make fun of me all you want, I’m not losing my time on shutting someone like you guys mouth, not even worth it. But, leave my girlfriend out of this. If you really think she got anything to do with my results and just wanna make fun of that,” he continued.

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After labeling his haters “disgusting,” Leo also addressed that his girlfriend used to date Chag, accusing the toxic community of trying to start “beef” between them.

Chag himself even responded to the drama with his own two pesos saying: “Tooru is not a possession to be stolen or anything. Leo getting worse results has nothing to do with this. Stop talking about others’ personal lives for clout.”

Hopefully, Leo and Chag’s response will put an end to the abuse they’ve been receiving. This isn’t the first time a top player has dealt with abuse either. Notably, Team Liquid’s Hungrybox had a crab thrown at him after winning a Melee tournament.

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