Hungrybox says his controls were sabotaged at Smash Ultimate Summit: ‘I was f**ked over’

hungrybox upset after controller issuesTwitch/BTS

Super Smash Bros pro Juan ‘Hungrybox’ Debiedma says someone switched his controls ahead of his group stage against MkLeo at Summit – and it ended up costing him.

The final BTS event, Smash Ultimate Summit 6, is officially underway: But right off the bat, there was some huge drama in its opening match.

In the singles pools match between Melee God Hungrybox and Ultimate GOAT Luminosity MkLeo, the Mexican star emerged victorious 3-0, but things could have gone much differently.

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Following the match, Hungrybox revealed he was “f**ked over” after someone switched his controls, resulting in him taking a loss and not pulling off the miracle upset.

Hungrybox “f**ked over” at Smash Ultimate Summit

After coming out for an interview on stream, the casters noted how close HBox was to taking game one, when the Jigglypuff main claimed his controls had been messed with.

“Someone changed my controls,” he said. “I went for a forward smash and a tilt stick came out. I realized game three. For some reason, I didn’t realize it, because I barely used it, but my controls got switched.”

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In Smash Ultimate, players can change their controls pretty intensively to better input attacks, jumps and more options.

“Someone f**ked me over,” HBox added. “My heart is broken. I would have won that game one, I think. I should have double-checked. I had the rest setup.”

Taking to Twitter shortly after, the Team Liquid star confessed that he still felt he was playing very well, but he was extra sad, because the down smash attack would have killed.

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It’s not clear who changed up HBox’s controls or why, but there’s still lots of time for the Puff player to make up for the loss and make a big run in the final BTS event.