Former Smash pro ZeRo settles lawsuit after sexual misconduct allegations, appeals Twitch ban

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Former Super Smash Bros. pro player Gonzalo “ZeRo” Barrios has returned following sexual misconduct allegations and a lawsuit.

Fans of the competitive Super Smash Bros. scene likely know former professional player Gonzalo “ZeRo” Barrios quite well.

After making a massive name for himself with the Smash Bros. community, sexual misconduct allegations were levied at ZeRo on July 3, 2020, resulting in retirement from professional play as well as an indefinite hiatus on content creation.

Now, Barrios has returned with a new video on his YouTube channel, claiming the lawsuit he’s been involved in has ended and he will be returning to content creation once again.

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Former Smash pro ZeRo returns after settling lawsuit

Barrios released a video on his YouTube channel titled “The Lawsuit is Over” where he recounted where he’s been for the past two years.

Barrios reminded fans that in his video where he addressed the allegation against him, he told his viewers that he was launching a lawsuit against his former roommate Jacqueline ‘Jisu’ Choe as well as other parties involved.

Barrios confirmed the lawsuit was now “fully concluded,” and linked to the “full details” of the lawsuit.

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The document essentially explained that the allegation levied against him were “fully deleted” by Jisu, and that Barrios’ dealings with Jisu “have been fully resolved at this point in time.”

Barrios then stated that he was not meant to “address the topic further” before asking his viewers to not harass “any party involved” in the lawsuit.

Barrios then detailed what he’s been doing in the past two years while not focusing on making content, as well as his desire to return to making content.

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Additionally, the former pro confirmed that he is still banned by Twitch, calling on his fans to spread the “UbanZeRoTwitch” hashtag on Twitter to get the streaming platform to take notice.

In the rest of the video Barrios discusses his fallout with the Smash Bros. community, as well as his thoughts on his ex-communication from the scene and the part prominent members of the community had to play in the situation.

Though Barrios acknowledges that “there’s always going to be a group of people that will never think this is enough.” However, he claims that he just wants to continue making content he’s passionate about “in peace.”

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