Smash players blast Nintendo as MultiVersus dominates EVO

batman super marioNintendo/Warner Bros Games

Super Smash Bros fans are calling out Nintendo for not supporting the game’s competitive scene as MultiVersus took over EVO barely weeks after launch.

Smash Bros players have long held a grudge against Nintendo for not just their lack of support for the game’s competitive scene, but executing the outright death of it.

Nintendo has a history of stifling Smash events, even going as far as to send a cease & desist at the annual Smash major The Big House.

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Now that MultiVersus has completely taken over the fight game scene, and even got a spot at EVO 2022, Smash fans are now peeved more than ever at the parent company for pushing the game out of the spotlight.

Multiversus key artWB Games
MultiVersus is free to play.

Smash players feel left out as MultiVersus dominates EVO

MultiVersus dominated its first major tournament on August 6 at EVO 2022 which boasted a massive pot of $100,000.

The grand finals drew in huge viewership as the winners of the tournament were long-time Smash veterans CLG VoiD and Nakat. Smash fans who enjoyed the MultiVersus event couldn’t help but think about stunning it was to see a game actually supported by it’s creators.

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YouTuber Alpharad said, “Crazy to see what a competitive scene can look like when the developers don’t try to actively kill it.”

Another user replied to him sarcastically and said, “Personally, I think it’s a really good business practice to actively hate the community that loves and appreciates your game, I think it’ll work out well for them.”

With tons of other fighting games being celebrated at EVO, like MultiVersus, it’s hard to not think about how Smash should be up there with the rest of them.

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