Faze Clan sign Smash pro Sparg0 during Genesis 8

Alec Mullins
Faze sparg0

 Edgar “Sparg0” Valdez has joined Faze Clan as the organization’s very first Smash pro player in their 12-year history as announced live during Genesis 8. 

Sparg0  is a familiar name to the competitive Smash scene.  His success in the scene started in Smash 4 but didn’t become a household name until the release of Smash Ultimate, where his impressive performances have anchored him as the second-best player in the world.

A multi-time champion, Valdez will now be fighting to keep himself at the top of the mountain while representing Faze’s iconic red and black.

Faze Clan enter Smash esports with Sparg0 signing

Sparg0 and Faze Clan
He’s been called a prodigy by the masses and the young talent has finally found a home.

The announcement was made just minutes before the 16-year-old was set to face off for his first Top 8 at Genesis 8.

This move represents not only Sparg0’s first professional sponsorship but also marks Faze’s arrival in the greater fighting game community.

It should come as no surprise that the young talent was picked up, as he claimed a trifecta of big event wins starting back in March.

First conquering Summit 4, it didn’t take long for him to tack on G4’s Smash Invitational and Collision 2022 to his tally as well.

Sparg0 joins YouTuber and professional athlete Deestroying as the two newest members of the legendary organization.