Smash Ultimate pro MKLeo’s Twitter gets hacked by NFT advertisers

Todd Guiterrez for Beyond the Summit

Leonardo ‘MkLeo’ López is easily considered one of the best players in the Super Smash Ultimate scene, but he’s become the target of a recent attempt to bait fans into a potential NFT scam.

The NFT scene, one already littered with scams, rug pulls and drastically damaging environmental effects, got a little muddier today. MkLeo had his Twitter hacked and his followers baited into high-priced purchases of a non-existent deal.

As revealed by Tweets from Ryan “L4st” Krichbaum , the runner of The Box as well as Community Tech Manager for Team Liquid, MkLeo reached out to him with a plea to publicize the Smash player’s plight.

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“It seems like My Twitter got hacked. I can’t access. I tried everything, could you [please] tweet about it?”

Following on from the initial request, Leo asked Ryan to retweet the hackers message to let people know it was a scam and that he did not endorse the supposed “collaboration” with the shady NFT project.

The hackers message itself was a sight that’s become standard to see at some point or another. At first an innocuous enough “big announcement is coming” post, followed by a request for MkLeo’s fans to purchase an NFT with a “TBA mint date” for “+10 ETH.”

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This is asking the Smash ultimate champ’s fanbase to fork over in excess of $30,000 for a potential image at an undisclosed date.

Luckily, members of Lopez’ expansive community were wily enough to not bite the bait. As many posted “calling it now, the hacker’s gonna post some crypto garbage.” Bang on in their assertations.

In addition to L4st, there have been a number of content creators amplifying the message to not engage with the hackers’ tweets, and pointing out the unreliability of what you see on the internet on any given day.

As it stands now, the tweets have been deleted, hopefully indicating that MkLeo is back in control of his Twitter account, but there’s been no formal statement or explanation just yet from the world number one.

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