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Smash Melee god Armada to miss Genesis 7 over passport issues

Published: 22/Jan/2020 5:31

by Andrew Amos


Genesis 7 will be down one god after Adam ‘Armada’ Lindgren will be unable to attend due to misplacing his passport, with the Melee veteran saying that he’s had an “awful day” trying to find it.

While he’s no longer playing Singles, Armada is still a massive name in the Melee community. He finds himself at some of the game’s biggest events every year, either playing Doubles or bringing new light to the brightest stars in the game with his commentary.

He was expected to commentate at Genesis 7, the first Smash major of 2020, but he will no longer be able to attend without a passport to get out of Sweden.


Armada wins Genesis 4
Armada won Genesis 2, 3, and 4, and placed top four at both Genesis 1 and 5.

He shared his struggle to find his passport the day before he was expected to fly out to the US for the event, turning his house upside down to find his passport.

“Been looking for my passport for like seven hours today and looked everywhere in the apartment and even searched the f**king attic because I have no clue where it is,” he said. “I legit have no idea where it is. Never missed an event due to something so stupid.”

As fans all chipped in with suggestions, like getting an emergency passport, Armada’s time was coming to a close before he had to pull the trigger on missing the event.


After searching for 12 hours with no luck, Armada announced that he had no other choice but to cancel the trip to his favorite event on the calendar.

“Going to bed super sad,” he said. “Genesis 1 was my first event in the US. Genesis 2 was my first super major win. Genesis is more than just a tournament for me so it really sucks to miss out due to losing my passport.

“I appreciate all the help people tried to offer, trust me, I did follow through and checked those places too. I legit hope I never find that passport. Would only feel worse after such an awful day.”


The Smash community has rallied behind the veteran, expressing their disappointment over his woes. “Your presence will absolutely be missed,” said Julian Zhu, who was one of Armada’s foes during his heyday.

Genesis 7 will be running over January 25 and 26. Over 1,000 players have signed up for the Melee Singles tournament, while Smash Ultimate has broken through the 1,500 mark.