Save over 50% on WWE Monopoly: WrestleMania Edition

Ash Singh

You can now bring home the thrill of WWE with Hasbro’s Monopoly: WrestleMania Edition board game, now over 50% off for a limited time.

WWE and Monopoly collide with an epic 56% discount on Hasbro’s officially licensed WrestleMania Edition of the classic strategic board game. For a restricted window, Amazon shoppers can bring home this mashup integrating favorite elements of sports entertainment showmanship.

This creative family activity blends wrestling matchups into skill-based, luck-driven mechanics. Players pick one of six iconic Superstars like John Cena and The Rock, with special abilities aiding battles across the game board’s 3D ring.

Instead of properties, moves make up the roster from Stone Cold Stunner to Moonsault. Build your arsenal of signature techniques to gain the upper hand.

Signature Monopoly features receive a wrestling reskin as well. Wild Cards shake up matches when rolled. Superstar Points earned through competitions and move ownership determine the ultimate winner rather than Monopoly money. With each Main Event bout and Title victory, the road to the final bell grows shorter.

Save over 50% on Monopoly: Wrestlemania Edition

Monopoly: Wrestlemania Edition

Monopoly: WrestleMania Edition makes an exciting gift for WWE fans. The blend of strategic acquisition and battles of strength and chance emulates the thrill of watching ringside.

Bring home the larger-than-life personality of WWE programming condensed into a fun family activity. Use this opportunity and make your collection championship-caliber with Monopoly: WrestleMania Edition.

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