John Cena’s IG account jokes about Drake’s “snake” to 20m followers

Michael Gwilliam
john cena pokes fun at drake with snake meme

John Cena’s Instagram account has chimed in on a viral leaked video supposedly of Drake with an on-point meme.

On February 6, the internet was thrown into a frenzy when a leaked video appeared online appearing to show Drake in a state of undress on board what could be his private jet.

Kick streamer Adin Ross, who praised the rapper for having a “missile” claimed Drake responded to the leak in a text to him with a series of laughing emojis.

Although we can’t confirm if the video is in fact of Drake, that hasn’t stopped the likes of John Cena from reacting to the clip with a meme.

John Cena IG takes aim at Drake’s “snake”

In a post on the Meta platform, John Cena shared a photoshopped image of pro wrestler Jake ‘The Snake’ Roberts replaced with Drake.

Roberts was well-known for coming out to the ring with a python and is often shown with one on promotional material. Cena, who had a stint as a rapper himself, clearly didn’t have to think twice about it when it comes to inserting an innuendo.

Since being posted, the image has been liked hundreds of thousands of times, including by WWE US Champion Logan Paul.

In the comments, fans were shocked by the meme and couldn’t tell if it was posted by Cena himself or a member of his team.

“Are we sure this is the real John Cena cause ain’t no way,” one remarked.

“Best account on IG right here lol,” said someone else.

“Drake the Snake,” commented another.

So far, Drake has yet to address the supposed leak publicly and given the power of deep fake technology, it’s definitely possible that this whole thing was all just a ruse, albeit quite an entertaining one.