WWE veteran says The Rock’s ‘jealousy’ could lead to the dismissal of Triple H

Hunter Haas
Former WWE writer says Triple H’s time with the company could be nearing an end with the return of The Rock

The Rock made his shocking return to the WWE following the organization’s official merger with TKO Group Holdings and on the back of the Vince McMahon allegations that surfaced last month.

The eight-time WWE champion was appointed as a member of TKO’s board of directors, giving him unprecedented power with those effectively “running the show.”

That naturally brings WWE’s Chief Content Officer to the minds of wrestling fans worldwide. Since taking the reins from his father-in-law, Triple H has served as the captain of the ship for WWE programming.

However, with The Rock joining the board of directors for TKO, the WWE universe is asking what changes, if any, will be made to the current product.

According to former WWE head writer Vince Russo, the company is in store for sweeping changes up top. And he believes Triple H is already a dead man walking.

Russo says Triple H is “done” amid The Rock’s WWE return

During his most recent podcast, Russo explained his stance further. “I feel sympathy for Triple H. To me, right now, he is in the ‘lame duck’ seat. He’s done,” the veteran writer said confidently.

“From a wrestling standpoint, with The Rock in that seat, TKO’s CEO Ari Emanuel does not need Triple H whatsoever. He is not on the board and has never been on the board.”

Russo went on, “And there’s a part of me that feels so sympathetic to Triple H because I see the writing on the walls. But then, look at the other end of this. How many people did Triple H do this to?”

“And the reason why this could be happening, and as ridiculous as this may seem, we go all the way back to when The Rock was breaking into the business, and DX was making his life a living hell,” Russo remarked.

“We’re going all the way back to that when they saw The Rock had star power. They made his life a living hell, and he hated Triple H for that. And now, here we are 25 years later, and the roles have completely reversed.”

If Russo’s comments have any merit, considerable changes could be on the horizon for the WWE. The Rock has as much say as anyone after earning a spot on the board, and now, Triple H is at his mercy.

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