Sea of Thieves

Summit1g hits out at Sea of Thieves devs for low server populations

Published: 28/Jan/2019 19:33 Updated: 28/Jan/2019 20:18

by Alan Bernal


Summit1g has led the charge for the resurgence of popularity that Sea of Thieves is currently having, but the streamer swung at the developers after his game was seemingly void of its primary feature.

Sea of Thieves is an open-world simulator where players explore the oceans for treasure to loot and pirates to pillage, but frustrations can build for a buccaneer if there’s no one on the waters to raid.

During a rather uneventful stint, summit1g was reeling from the lack of competition in the open ocean that prompted him to give the developers a challenge in a hilarious rant.

RareThe waters were a bit too open for summit1g’s liking.

After aimlessly drifting the waters for sometime, summit surmised that the problem is due to Rare’s team being comprised of only four people since his server was filled with “nothing but ghost ships.”

“[Rare] has four people working on their dev team. Rare, I want proof that you have more than four people working there, I want you guys to do a group photo,” summit1g said. “Security guards don’t count, anybody that’s cleaning up the office after you guys does not count, no paid actors on this one.”

Summit was baffled after traversing a sizeable portion of the map’s waters without encountering a soul, and the tensions were getting higher.

The streamer went so far to suggest the devs include a Ship Counter, an indicator at the corner of the screen just to inform players how many live players there currently are in their server.

“My content today is basically showcasing how empty the servers are. What the fuck,” Summit said.

Summit was eventually able to find another ship, but it took the streamer a considerably long time to get some action.


Summit1g defends actions on Sea of Thieves after being labeled “toxic”

Published: 5/Oct/2020 16:28

by Connor Bennett


Popular Twitch streamer Jaryd ‘Summit1G’ Lazar has hit back at a report and claims that he was toxic on Sea of Thieves after breaking up servers where players wouldn’t interact in PvP. 

For the most part, playing Sea of Thieves can be a fun and enjoyable experience. You hop aboard a ship with a friend or two and sail the seas in hopes of completing quests picking up loot that you can sell on.

However, there are plenty of players who try to ruin that – typically through bombarding your ships with constant attacks. As a streamer, Summit has dealt with his fair share of this too, but he’s been able to fight back. 

Previously, he’s put people on blast on Twitter for not playing the game the right way, and while he hasn’t played Sea of Thieves for a while, he’s come under fire for his previous behavior. 

Microsoft StudiosSome players have big issues with the Sea of Thieves community.

Summit’s supposed “toxic” behavior was highlighted in a recent article after streamers quit the game due to harassment from other players. As he started up his October 4 stream, the leader of the 1G squad fired back – tearing into how some players aim to keep servers to themselves in a bid to farm coins. 

“Motherf**ker, you don’t talk about how they get those servers going in the first place – on Discord, through harassment themselves. They will stomp a ship out until they leave the game and get on their ship, you feel me? They don’t talk about all that stuff though,” he said, addressing the article. 

He turned his attention to the players who try to ruin these servers, adding: “Then, they sit on their servers where it’s supposed to be a give and take experience, pirates that take, and pirates that find, and it’s a big circle of we need each other but they sit in their circlejerk farms avoiding all aspects of fear.”

Summit added that playing like that is “not how the game should be played” so after those players took things to Discord in a bit to communicate and organize, he and his pals used “streamer benefits” to find out about them, as well ultimately infiltrating the servers.

He added that he’d never verbally abuse anyone in a racist or sexist way, but just trash-talked if someone else started on him.“We’d only talk s**t if they talk s**t, we’d only give it if they gave it,” Summit continued.  

“And if they’re giving it, they’d take it. They’re fine, they’re big boys, but what we’re talking about here is ridiculous. So, I just don’t understand why it’s a bad thing for one side to do it but not a bad thing for another side to do it.”

Plenty of his fans and Sea of Thieves players backed Summit’s cause to frustrate the players who keep servers to themselves in a bid to coin farm.

The game has undergone plenty of changes in recent months, but it’s unknown if he’ll return to it on a full-time basis as he once did.