Trainwrecks furious as ‘clout-chasing’ players join OTV Rust server

Luke Edwards. Last updated: Jan 09, 2021
trainwreck rust

Tyler ‘Trainwrecks’ Niknam was left seething on the second OfflineTV Rust server after he was ambushed and killed by long-time Rust player Ser Winter.  

The first OfflineTV Rust server, released at the end of December 2021, was absolutely chocked with controversy over the abundance of PvP. Players like xQc received the most stick, prompting a switch to a second server with a focus on roleplay.

With this new server intended to have less of a PvP focus, players hoped it would spell the end of the intense drama. However, so far, this hasn’t worked.

Some players have continued to prioritize PvP, including Ser Winter. He drew controversy after he camped in a bush before running out and killing Trainwrecks. The streamer was furious, with Ser Winter’s actions also rubbing other streamers up the wrong way.

This Rust incident left Trainwrecks absolutely fuming. He falsely claimed Ser Winter ‘teabagged’ his corpse, called him a “fat-faced f*cking clown” and said he would “steal” Ser Winter’s girlfriend.

Train later accused people defending Ser Winter of being biased towards the ‘smaller streamer’, and slammed Ser Winter as a ‘clout-chaser’. “It’s big streamer small streamer politics,” he said. “People like when the little guy wins or is right, I promise if this was about xQc bush camping me and killing me everyone would try to get his twitch banned & sent to jail.

“No one is arguing whether this d***head should or shouldn’t kill me, but when you got pro players with 37,000 hours logged playing like rats for a little bit of xQc c**k clout, they’re just p**sies plain & simple,” he added.

But Ser Winter, who has just over 64k Twitch followers, defended his actions, claiming he has been mostly “chill” on the server, and reported receiving his first death threat. He said: “This is what comes of killing the wrong streamer in the right place on the pvp server.”

This incident drew a fair amount of criticism from other big content creators, with Nick ‘nmp’ Polom tweeting his disgust at the continued presence of PvP on the server.

“I’m keep it 100p,” he said. “Y’all gotta get these sweaty rust pvpers off this server they are going to kill it. They are trying too hard to make it out of the depths of Twitch that they are bush camping, killing people with sub 30 hours played etc.

“It’s a private server set up for RPPVP with content creators. If your brain doesn’t have the ability to see the difference between the two then I pray for you.”

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Felix ‘xQc’ Lengyel, who was a big part of the PvP aspect of the first server, agreed with nmp’s comments. “REAL”, he said.

Whether this controversy will lead to a change in how PvP is approached on the new Rust server remains to be seen, but there’s a currently real divide between old-school Rust players and the new wave of casual streamers. OfflineTV will be hard-pressed to find a solution.