Roblox finally allows “swearing” and players are delighted

Rishabh Sabarwal
Roblox swearing

Roblox, a widely recognized metaverse platform, has made a significant advancement by permitting swearing in text chat exclusively for mature experiences. Players celebrated the massive change on social media following the update.

Roblox has always put its player base’s safety first, including a large number of kids. The platform has extensive algorithms in place to filter out graphic imagery, foul language, and anything else that younger users would find inappropriate.

The game has evolved its moderation standards throughout the years to accommodate a wide range of users while still keeping the platform family-friendly. However, when Roblox now has mature experiences for users aged 17 and up, it is opening doors to include young adults to play the game.

Roblox Beyond the Dark experience
A 17+ experience in Roblox.

Roblox has taken a bold step forward by allowing swearing in text chat across all mature experiences, adding to the already considerable amount of buzz surrounding the future 17+ dating experiences. While this is a big change to its moderation settings, here’s what players had to say about it.

Roblox players celebrate using swear words in 17+ experiences

Roblox players are now celebrating the removed censorship on swearing in mature experiences for 17+ users on the platform. While this is the first time Roblox has made a drastic change in their moderation rules, it has finally delighted players who like to express themselves freely.

Players who had been waiting for this to be implemented commented across several social media posts on the matter. One such user said, “That’s what I am waiting for”. Another chimed in, “I f*****g like it.” Additionally a bunch of users simply typed W in comments and praised the game for this move.

However, some were unhappy with one saying, “This is gonna backfire so hard”. After a bunch of talk around social media, Roblox stepped in and released a statement on the Dev Forum about the levels of leniency players will get for using profane words, before they’re moderated.

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