Resident Evil 9: Everything we know so far

Sam Smith
Resident Evil Chris Redfield

Resident Evil 9 is coming, here’s everything we know about our next battle with bio-terror.

After the success of Resident Evil Village and the remake of Resident Evil 4, a Resident Evil 9 felt inevitable. Now, Capcom has confirmed the game is coming, but our next dive into the world of Survival Horror is shrouded in mystery so far.

While the Resident Evil Village DLC gave us closure on various story threads, plenty more could be addressed in Resident Evil 9. Below, we’ll compile everything we know about the horror sequel. Be warned, spoilers for previous Resident Evil games lurk within.


Adult Rose Winters Resident Evil Village
Rose Winters may be involved in Resident Evil 9.

Does Resident Evil 9 have a release date?

No, not yet. Resident Evil 9 hasn’t been formally announced by Capcom.

However, AestheticGamer aka Dusk Golem, a credible leaker who’s generally right when it comes to Resident Evil, has claimed on Twitter/X that Resident Evil 9 has been pushed back to late 2025/26. They also mentioned that the game won’t be announced Summer 2024, as some had speculated.

If Resident Evil 9 launches in 2026, then it would be a tie-in with the series’ 30th anniversary celebrations, which adds further credibility to that being the game’s launch window.

Do we know the setting of Resident Evil 9?

So far, we’ve only got the rumors from Dusk Golem to go on.

Dusk Golem has claimed that the game may be an open-world horror adventure. It was initially thought that an open-world Resident Evil had been delayed, but since then, Dusk Golem has said that the open-world Resident Evil and Resident Evil 9 are the same.

The insider states that Resident Evil 9 will be set in a “fictional rural town on an island in the Southeast Asia Sea” and will be based on Singapore. Resident Evil has utilized islands as settings before, most notably in Resident Evil: Code Veronica, Revelations 2, part of RE4, and in spin-off media.

While Dusk Golem has a good track record, it’s not perfect, so take all this with a pinch of salt until Capcom confirms either way.

Potential story

While Capcom hasn’t revealed anything regarding Resident Evil 9’s story as of yet, previous games have left us with some clues on where the series could go next. Resident Evil Village ended with Chris Redfield and his squad observing the BSAA attacking Mother Miranda’s village, using their own bioweapons to combat hers.

Chris is disgusted by his former employer using the very thing they were created to destroy as part of their arsenal, so he directs his helicopter to their HQ. We can assume everybody comes out of this confrontation alive, as Rose Winters, who was on that helicopter as a baby, is a teenager in the RE Village DLC and considers a still-alive Chris to be a surrogate parent.

Her own father, Ethan Winters, died at the end of Resident Evil Village. However, the character lives on in the Megamycete, an entity that catalogs all the DNA of those it infects, allowing their consciousnesses to exist within it. As this creature may be an ingredient in many of the viruses that exist in Resident Evil, this presents Capcom with the perfect narrative freedom to resurrect pretty much anyone they like in Resident Evil 9.

Resident Evil Village also revealed that the game’s antagonist, Mother Miranda, was the tutor of Oswell E. Spencer, the founder of The Umbrella Corporation, and one of Resident Evil’s primary villains – at least until he was slain by another villain, Albert Wesker in Resident Evil 5. This ties Village to the earlier games, and this could have ramifications for the future of the series.

The Resident Evil 3 and 4 remakes also worked hard to weave the series into more of a coherent and connected narrative than previous games had. Therefore, expect Resident Evil 9 to draw from the entire series rather than being just a sequel to Resident Evil Village.

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