Winter House fans wish Tom Sandoval would have returned for Season 3


Tom Sandoval is not on this season of Winter House, and weirdly enough, fans are starting to miss him.

Winter House is a pretty unique format for a Bravo show. It’s an excuse to bring several stars from the network and make them stay in the same house together. With no cash prize or real reward for doing the show, the main attraction is the amount of romance and drama that comes with it.

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One of the biggest standouts from Season 2 was Tom Sandoval. Joined by his best friend and co-star Tom Schwartz, the two were arguably the best part of the entire season.

So, now that the world has learned of the gigantic VPR cheating scandal, Schwartz is flying solo as the only Vanderpump Rules star on Season 3, and viewers are surprisingly upset about that.

Tom Sandoval on Vanderpump RulesBravo TV

Do Winter House fans like Tom Sandoval?

On November 15, Winter House viewers took to Reddit to share that they wished Sandoval was part of Season 3.

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One fan said, “Last season the whole house loved the Toms and they would have again this year. No one cares about his personal relationship besides a handful of crazy fans. Bravos loss is definitely Fox’s gain.”

Another fan wrote, “ I wish they would have had him on. Especially since this filmed before the reunion – it would have been interesting to see how he acted in a house, where no one cared that much, while dating Raquel, who wouldn’t have been there.”

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Luckily for viewers, the season isn’t over yet, so there is still a chance that Sandoval will make a surprise visit.

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