Vanderpump Villa’s Gabriella says “buckle your seatbelts” for Season 1 drama

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vanderpump villa's gabriella sanon

Vanderpump Villa’s Gabriella Sanon told Dexerto in an exclusive interview that the remainder of Season 1 is full of drama that will make you glued to the television. Here are all the details.

Vanderpump Villa might be halfway through Season 1, but event coordinator Gabriella Sanon told Dexerto in an exclusive interview to “buckle your seatbelts” because the remainder of the season gets even more toxic and tense.

“It’s not missing… you guys are in for a lot, buckle your seatbelts,” Gabriella admitted.

She then dished about the upcoming drama, “What you’ve already seen is only going to be enhanced, just in a different way. There is a whole lot of drama coming up, it is exhausting,” Gabriella admitted.

Though Gabriella was focused on “creating a beautiful guest experience” while working at Chateau Rosabelle, she also found herself in a love triangle with coworkers Andre Mitchell and Grace Cottrell.

Lisa vanderpump
Vanderpump Villa

Despite Grace saying Gabriella only went after Andre because she knew Grace liked him, Gabriella said she’d still like to see the entire cast from Season 1 return for a possible Season 2.

“Why fix something that’s not broken — and if that’s Lisa’s vision, I’m going to trust in it and I’m going to dial in and I’m going to be locked in and do what I have to do,” she said while expressing that other people don’t “affect” her while she is working.

Though Vanderpump Villa has seen plenty of drama, Gabriella also mentioned the importance of being right for the job and noted that “every single person on the staff is good” at what they do.

While there are still four episodes left of Vanderpump Villa Season 1, fans will want to tune in every Monday to Hulu where they can see the “enhanced” drama unfold.

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