Why did Bethenny Frankel leave RHONY cast? Season 11 exit explained

Molly Byrne
RHONY's Bethenny Frankel

Although RHONY executives told Bethenny Frankel they wouldn’t air an episode without her, she left the BravoTV show indefinitely in 2019.

RHONY alum and businesswoman, Bethenny Frankel, may have left the show for good after season 11, but she has continued to keep her persona known.

Fans first claimed Bethenny left RHONY due to money problems, but Bethenny explained in a TikTok video that if money was the case, she would have stayed. 

Bethenny further explained her exit from the show, saying, “I left because I wanted to leave. I was ready to leave.”

Bethenny Frankel used a “technicality deal point” to get out RHONY contract 

Leaving your Housewives contract isn’t an easy business deal, but Bethenny made it work. When Bethenny wanted to get out of her RHONY contract in 2019, she used what is called a “technicality deal point” for Bethenny.

At the time, Frankel was mourning the death of her ex-fiancé Dennis Shields. But a clause in her contract stated that those on the show are not allowed to decide to not film due to personal reasons. 

“This…point said that if you don’t appear in an episode, then you won’t be paid for it, which does make sense,” Bethenny explained in the video. “It just doesn’t make sense for me because I already knew that the production company said, ‘We’d never air an episode without you.’ They told me that directly. I have receipts.”

As a result, Bethenny made the decision to walk away from the show, knowing that Bravo simply wouldn’t pay her for those remaining episodes.

Bethenny, however, was okay with this, as she explained to Variety, saying, “It’s time to move on and focus on my daughter, my philanthropy, and my production partnership with Mark Burnett, producing and starring in shows which represent a shift in the conversation for women.”

Will Bethenny Frankel return to RHONY?

Bethenny Frankel from RHONY

Bravo executive Andy Cohen revealed to US Weekly his plans for the cast of Real Housewives Ultimate Girls Trip: RHONY Legacy, and Bethenny is not included. The legacy spin-off series was announced this May and will feature RHONY housewives like Ramono Singer, Sonja Morgan, and Kristen Taekman.

Although fans would love to see the strong-willed New Yorker make her long-awaited entrance back to the RHONY franchise, Cohen explained why it just wouldn’t make sense.

“Bethenny now lives in Connecticut and she’s just kind of living her best life in her own universe. So, I’m not sure given how she feels about the show at this point, that it even makes any sense [for her to return].”

Those who do find Bethenny entertaining can still find her making videos on social media, as she tends to frequently weigh in on breaking news. And as many fans of hers know, she is not afraid of stating her opinions.