Temptation Island Season 5 fans notice big change in “biased” host Mark L. Walberg

Simone Torn
Host Mark L. Walberg of Temptation Island at the bonfire in season 5

A number of Temptation Island have decided Mark L. Walberg favors female contestants in Season 5, calling the host “biased” in his decision-making.

Temptation Island has kicked off its 5th season with some of the most tumultuous couples to date.

Audiences are rooting for many of the contestants to leave their significant others in favor of better options throughout the villa. And while it’s expected that viewers will have passionate stances on which couples they want to see split, it’s less common for the host of the show, who is supposed to remain neutral.

Some fans are now under the impression that host Mark L. Walberg is attempting to sway the female contestants into leaving their significant others. 

Temptation Island viewers think host is favoring female contestants

Temptation Island fans have witnessed explosive drama unraveling this season between each of the couples. The fights have been so intense between each pair that the majority of fans don’t want any of this season’s couples to last. 

Yet some fans are under the impression that the host of the show, Mark L. Walberg, feels the same way as fans.

One viewer took to Reddit to suggest Mark has been encouraging the female contestants to dump their partners, despite the intention for the host to remain neutral. 

“It seemed to me that he was steering the ladies in the bonfire,” one Reddit user suggested of Season 5 episode 4.

“By that I mean, in my view, (not saying he was wrong either) he seemed to be more pushing the ladies to dump the men than in the past. He used to be more middle of the road, along the lines of encouraging each person to see why they were there and use the time wisely.” 

A second user wrote: “Mark is a sh*t stirrer for the sake of the show’s drama… and I’m here for it.”

Another viewer said it’s been a trend for a while.

They said: “He’s always pushed for the women to dump the men. Except Season 1, where he was team Evan & Morgan.”

The host himself seems to back up this notion, because he admitted in the It’s Tempting podcast that he is extra protective of his female contestants. Because he is the father to a daughter, he tells the podcast hosts that it makes him especially inclined to look out for the ladies’ best interests.

Catch new episodes of Temptation Island Wednesday nights on the USA Network.

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