Temptation Island fans think the boys want the girls to ‘cheat’ for this surprising reason

Simone Torn

A popular fan theory suggests that the male contestants on Temptation Island want their girlfriends to cheat on them.

Season 5 of Temptation Island has faced major flack from viewers regarding each couple chosen for the dating series.

Many fans of the hit show dislike how this season is only displaying couples who seem to want nothing to do with each other. In this season, audiences haven’t witnessed any of the main couples actively fighting to save their relationships in the villa.  

Whether it be Paris and Great, Vanessa and Roberto, Hall and Kaitlin, or Chris and Marisela, it’s clear to fans that this round of couples lacks the strength and commitment that was once showcased in previous seasons. 

Some viewers are even under the impression that the male contestants of season 5 actually want their significant others to cheat on them for a selfish reason. 

Do the male contestants on Temptation Island want their female partners to cheat?

During the last episode’s bonfire scene, several of the male contestants learned that their partners were cheating on them. Yet, instead of reacting with pain and hurt, most of the male contestants seemed relieved to learn their girlfriends were being unfaithful. 

One fan took to Reddit to call out the unexpected revelation at the bonfire. Commenting on the male contestants, they wrote: “I feel like they’re all excited for the girls to cheat so they can go do the same thing and be justified.”

But the female contestants are not exempt from this excitement to mess around either. Another user suggested that the ladies of the house were just as eager to give in to temptation as well, saying, “Temptation light only had to go off once in the women’s house and they’re on.it.”

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