Southern Hospitality’s Will Kulp accused of cheating on Emmy Sharrett

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The Season 2 cast of Southern Hospitality

After being seen walking into a bathroom with a girl who wasn’t his girlfriend, Southern Hospitality’s Will Kulp is speaking out. 

Season 2 of Southern Hospitality has been filled to the brim with drama and jaw-dropping moments. 

It all started in the first episode, where boss Leva Bonaparte made the difficult decision to fire not one but two of her loyal employees who had been there since the beginning of the show.

Then, the only newcomer of the season, Oisin O’Neill, admitted to inappropriately touching his co-star Emmy Sharrett

Emmy is currently in a relationship with Will Kulp and has been since the premiere season. 

That being said, if you thought their relationship drama was going to end with Oisin, think again. 

The Season 2 cast of Southern Hospitality

Is Southern Hospitality’s Will Kulp a cheater? 

In the preview for Episode 4, it was mentioned that Will was seen with another girl at Joe Bradley’s party, sparking cheating rumors. 

However, the reality TV star quickly defended the situation and tried to reassure that it was just a big misunderstanding. 

“I realized that [this girl] used to be romantically involved with my friend who just passed away. It [got] to be a really emotional conversation. So, we [went] to the bathroom,” Will explained. 

As far as Emmy’s response, she believes him when he says that nothing romantic happened.

“This is bullsh*t. That’s all I’m thinking,” she said in the video. 

As the episodes go on, maybe there will be some updates on his alleged infidelity. There is also the upcoming season reunion that should make this rumor the forefront of the discussion. Maybe the mystery woman who he went in the bathroom with will be there? 

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