Southern Hospitality’s Will Kulp reveals plan to leave show to pursue law school

Je'Kayla Crawford
Will from Southern Hospitality

After two successful seasons starring in Bravo’s Southern Hospitality, Will Kulp has decided to head back to school.

Southern Hospitality is only in its second season and most of the cast is already venturing into other careers.

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And viewers can’t forget that while newcomer Oisin O’Neil is a VIP server at Republic Garden & Lounge, he has an Onlyfans account on the side.

Despite the success of the show, the employees are starting to put one foot out of the door, and Bartender Will Kulp is up next.

The Season 2 cast of Southern Hospitality

Is Will Kulp leaving Southern Hospitality?

In a preview for Episode 6, Will reveals that he is leaving South Carolina in nine weeks to attend law school.

When talking about his soon-to-be long-distance relationship with his girlfriend and co-star Emmy Sharett, he mentioned that he will be two hours away at school for the next three years.

But, while he will not be one of the main stars of the show anymore, Will is hoping that he can make frequent trips and be involved with the show in some capacity, even if it just means brief cameos.

“I’ll be coming back to Charleston and working at a law office during the day and Republic at night during the summers trying to just bartend my way through law school. So hopefully if we do get another season, you’ll be able to see me kind of juggling all of those things,” he explained to The Messenger.

But, this all depends on whether his school career proves as too much to balance with the show. Fans will hopefully know more about his schedule in the upcoming Season 2 reunion.

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