RHONJ’s Teresa Giudice and Melissa Gorga refuse to apologize and mend relationship

Molly Byrne

Bravo’s New Jersey Housewives, Teresa Giudice and Melissa Gorga’s tumultuous relationship has ruined their family dynamic and will continue in season 14, as both will return to RHONJ. 

After not attending Terresa Giudice’s wedding in August 2022 to Louis Ruelas, Melissa Gorga, has faced constant backlash from her sister-in-law. 

The feud began before Melissa married Teresa’s brother, Joe Gorga, in 2004. 

Although both parties preach family over everything, neither has agreed to disagree. 

RHONJ Teresa Giudice on Andy Cohen's Watch What Happens Live.

Teresa Giudice accused her brother Joe and sister-in-law Melissa of putting her in prison 

As an original cast mate of RHONJ, Teresa has had leverage on the show. However, when her sister-in-law Melissa joined season three, fans got to see an inside look at their family dynamic. 

Since the inception of Melissa on the show, Teresa’s closeness with her brother has diminished. And after season 13, it seems as though there is no turning back for the family that was once full of love and laughter, as RHONJ served as an outlet for Teresa to blame her sister-in-law for anything, and everything bad that has happened.

Although neither parties were in communication before season 13 began production, Teresa made an effort to include Melissa and her brother Joe in her 2022 wedding.

At the end of the season reunion with Andy Cohen, Melissa accused Teresa of only including them because the show was filming, but Teresa denied the allegation, as she prefers to prioritize her love for her brother Joe over any problem between them.

But if Teresa is so dedicated to bringing her family together, why won’t she apologize for icing them out in the first place? 

During season 13, Teresa even accused Melissa and Joe of not being there for her family of six when she went to prison in 2015 for fraud. Not only that, but she has now blamed them for her prison sentence, saying they rated her out to a friend of theirs.

However, Melissa and her husband Joe verbally defended themselves, saying they weren’t even included on her visitor’s list while Teresa was in prison, as Melissa said, “He wasn’t on the list until it was going to benefit you for Teresa Checks In [Teresa’s Bravo reality series].”

Teresa refused to admit she only included Joe on her visitor’s list because filming started, but Melissa and Joe seem to have thought otherwise. Now, as season 14 approaches, the feud between Teresa, Melissa, and Joe will continue, as none of them have reconciled with the other.

All anyone has to do is simply apologize and call it even, but nobody wants to — not Teresa, Melissa, nor Joe. And with Louis in the picture now, an even bigger stir has occurred, as he allegedly hired private detectives to research each cast mate on the show.

As the feud between Teresa and the Gorga’s continues, stay updated on their rising tensions at Bravo’s annual BravoCon this November.

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