Love Is Blind Sweden Season 1: Everything we know about the show’s newest spin-off

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Female cast of Love Is Blind Sweden Season 1

From who is hosting (it’s not the Lacheys) to when it hits Netflix, here are the details on Love Is Blind Sweden Season 1.

The Love Is Blind franchise is so popular in the US that Netflix has decided to branch out the reality TV show into multiple spin-offs across the world.

With Brazil and Japan shows already up and running, the franchise is now expanding to a whole new region: Love Is Blind Sweden.

Here are all of the details surrounding the Sweden series, including the cast and when it is set to premiere.

Is there a trailer for Love Is Blind Sweden Season 1?

On January 8, the official trailer for the premiere season was released on YouTube and it wasted no time showing all of the upcoming drama among the couples.

Most of the chaos seems to come from when the pairs make it out of the pods. From a potential lie, a hidden secret, and the words ‘left at the altar’ being thrown around, who knows what the outcome of this season is going to be.

Love Is Blind Sweden Season 1: Who is the host?

On December 7, 2023, it was revealed that Jessica Almenäs is the official host of Love Is Blind Sweden. She has hosted shows like The Biggest Loser and Let’s Dance. Jessica can also be recognized for her pageantry career after formerly being Miss Sweden.

Who is in the cast of Love Is Blind Sweden Season 1?

There are a total of 32 contestants for the premiere season of the Sweden show. Here are the first names of all of the new reality TV stars, as well as their job titles.

  • Adde – 33, VP – Security Company
  • Alexandra – 33, General Secretary
  • Amanda – 34, Economist
  • Andrea – 36, Gym Studio Owner
  • Andreas – 39, Firefighter
  • Catja – 32, HR Specialist
  • Christofer – 34,  Self-employed
  • Daniel – 38, Entrepreneur
  • Emilia – 34, Business Manager – Telecommunications
  • Huda – 30, Assistant Nurse
  • Isabelle – 27, Assistant Nurse, Personal Assistant
  • Jimmy – 34, Self-employed
  • Johan – 34, Salesman
  • Johannes – 32, Project Manager
  • Karolina – 32, Payroll Controller
  • Kimia – 34, Cosmetic Nurse 
  • Krisse-Ly – 30, Interior Stylist, Sales Assistant
  • Leila – 35, Recruiter
  • Lucas – 30,  Operative Manager – Energy Production
  • Markus – 29, Training Instruction Consultant
  • Meira – 30, Economist
  • Milan –  28, Car Salesman
  • Mohamed – 32, Personal Trainer
  • Mow – 43, Recruitment Consultant
  • Nea – 36, Chief Advisor
  • Nina – 31, Destination Manager, Artist 
  • Oskar – 32, Financial Advisor 
  • Rasmus – 32, Self-employed
  • Sami – 29, Social Secretary 
  • Sandra – 36, Yoga Teacher, Artist
  • Sergio – 38, Soccer Coach, DJ
  • Victoria – 36, Resource Educator

Love Is Blind Sweden Season 1: What is the release date?

The first few episodes of the season are set to be released on Netflix on January 12, with more coming out on January 19 and January 26.

To stay updated on Love Is Blind and the upcoming seasons, make sure to check our page here.

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