Love Is Blind Sweden fans convinced Sergio was “set up” by production

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Sergio has not received the best edit in Love Is Blind Sweden Season 1 and viewers are coming to his defense.

Within the Love Is Blind franchise, there have been dozens of controversial contestants, especially when it comes to the US series.

From Season 2’s sizeist Shake Chatterjee to the fan-labeled “mean girls” of Season 4 (Irina Solomonva and Micah Lussier), some stars come for love and leave with a lot of backlash.

The premiere season of Love Is Blind Sweden has introduced a new group of single men and women looking to settle down, and one of the people who has been pushed center stage is Sergio – and not in a good way.

The first detail about him and his life that is shown to viewers is the fact that he is expecting a child with a woman in Barcelona.

With this being the first impression of him, many aren’t taking Sergio very seriously and viewers are annoyed.

Love Is Blind Sweden fans are defending Sergio

On January 22, LIB Sweden fans took to Reddit to share their opinions of Sergio, so far.

While no one said that he is an amazing human being based on his tumultuous relationship with Amanda, viewers do believe he was not given a fair chance and was “set up to be controversial” by production.

One fan wrote, “Sergio has not made a 180 in my head yet but I’ve come from holding a lot of preconceived notions about him in the beginning due to the preview to now feeling neutral.”

Another said, “I will definitely agree they did him a little dirty with how much they have been hitting that “Someone has a child on the way in Barcelona!” (and it was obviously going to be him) in the trailers. Because now we see that straight up nothing came out of it and it was probably just a bulls**t rumor.”

The season isn’t over yet, so there is a chance that the more viewers get to know Sergio, the more accurate, or inaccurate, his villain-edit will become.

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