Love Is Blind Sweden couple announces pregnancy during Season 1 reunion

Je'Kayla Crawford
Sergio and Amanda from Love Is Blind Sweden

After tying their knot in the wedding episode, Love Is Blind Sweden’s Sergio and Amanda are having a baby.

There has been a recent baby boom within the Love Is Blind franchise that has all fans excited.

Not only have US Season 4’s Bliss & Zack announced that they are about to welcome a child together, but Season 3’s Alexa and Brennon are also expecting their first child.

For both of these married couples, it was over a year since wrapping the show when they decided to expand their families.

The premiere season of Love Is Blind Sweden just wrapped and out of the five engagements, three couples tied the knot and one of those pairs is about to bring home a baby.

The Season 1 logo for Love Is Blind Sweden

Love Is Blind Sweden’s Sergio & Amanda are expecting

During the Season 1 reunion, Sergio and Amanda announced that they are expecting their first child together within the next few months, confirmed with Amanda holding her baby bump.

Not only is this shocking because of the quick timeline, but Sergio’s main storyline throughout the season was the fact that he was expecting a child with another woman, whom he alleged during the reunion that he didn’t know about until after his wedding with Amanda.

Nonetheless, the two are working through their new dynamic and are excited for their bundle of joy to arrive soon.

“Right now it’s extra exciting as we are having a child together – this shortly after the wedding. It really is a new chapter. It will be wonderful to go through this journey – from pregnancy to childbirth, and then to carry home a little baby that we will raise,” the happy couple told Netflix

An official due date for their child has not been announced as of yet.

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