Love Is Blind Season 4 alums Bliss & Zack Goytowski announce first pregnancy

Bliss & Zack from Love Is BlindNetflix

After sharing their journey from strangers to lovers in Love Is Blind Season 4, Bliss & Zack are pregnant. 

Love Is Blind Season 4 was arguably one of the best that the show has released so far. Not only was it entertaining for viewers, but the experiment was able to successfully marry three couples.

The reunion special for the season ended up being very controversial. Not only did the live aspect of it quickly fall through, but co-host Vanessa Lachey was criticized for pressuring the cast to have children.

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Now that the heat has died down from Season 4 and the couples have had some alone time to spend off-camera, one of them just took a major step in their relationship!

Are Love Is Blind’s Bliss & Zach expecting a baby?

On November 21, the couple announced through a photo shoot with People that Bliss is pregnant with their first child, making them the first pair from the series to reach this milestone.

Zack also explained the hilarious way he found out that Bliss was pregnant.

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“She told me her mother sent us a cake for her birthday. I believe that, right? That is actually something she would do … So Bliss is like, ‘Open up the cake,’ and I read it and it says, ‘I Love You, Dad.’ And I’m like, ‘What? Why is your mom calling me that?’,” he shared. Eventually, he caught on to the fact that ‘dad’ referred to his upcoming title.

According to the outlet, Bliss is expected to give birth to their new bundle of joy in Spring of 2024, a little bit after Summer House star Jasmine Ellis Cooper’s first child arrives.

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