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Rainbow Six Siege devs could make game free-to-play soon

Published: 25/Feb/2020 22:07

by Bill Cooney


Ubisoft developers have revealed that they wouldn’t mind seeing Rainbow Six Siege go free-to-play sometime in the future – but first, they want to find a solution to smurfing in the community.

In an interview with PC Gamer, Siege director Leroy Athanassoff claimed most of the development team are in favor of making the game free-to-play, but smurfing is the main obstacle getting in their way.


Smurfing is a term that refers to instances where experienced or higher-skilled players purchase a new account in order to play the game against less-skilled or experienced opponents. Such a practice is common in games like Overwatch, CS:GO and Siege.

Smurfing is a problem in Rainbow Six, but it’s not the only game trying to deal with the issue.

Athanassoff said, first and foremost, that Siege’s price isn’t up to him or any of the development team, but there’s more preventing it from going free than just how much it costs.


“You need certain features ready to be a good and successful free-to-play game,” he explained, and added that one of the biggest features Siege developers were working on was a solution for smurfing.

Currently, Siege is similar to Overwatch in that players won’t be banned for owning multiple accounts, as long as there’s no evidence of boosting or account sharing/trading.

However, Athanassoff said it creates an unfair playing environment, which is why developers want to try and stamp it out as much as possible before considering taking Siege F2P.

Siege devs are working to combat smurfing before taking the game free-to-play.

Ubisoft even has its own team focused on player behavior, who are currently trying to come up with new solutions that would make smurfing less of a problem.

“What’s important for us is that we find out as soon as possible that a player is highly skilled in the things that matter,” Athanassoff said. “The problem right now is that you can play a certain amount of matches with Copper players while you’re a Diamond.”

Siege uses MMR, a system that uses a player’s win rate to determine their rank when the first join the game. Some smurfs will intentionally lose games when they first start out on their account to tank its ranking and give them the experience of ranking up again.


Athanassoff said Ubisoft was experimenting with ways to better identify potential smurfs by taking into account more stats to react to skill disparity better.

Zofia in Rainbow 6
Whether or not Ubisoft’s anti-smurfing efforts will work remains to be seen, but they are interesting.

Siege already requires two-factor authentication for accounts before players can get into ranked play, but Athanassoff didn’t mention any other features they’re considering adding to beef up authentication.


It seems like game developers are in a constant battle against smurf players these days, but if Siege is able to contain the problem, we could see it go free-to-play sooner rather than later.

Rainbow Six

How to watch Rainbow Six Tachanka rework full reveal: release date, more

Published: 6/Oct/2020 2:32

by Andrew Amos


Tachanka’s rework is coming to Rainbow Six very soon. After being revealed at the Six Invitational, Ubisoft is sharing more details with the playerbase very soon. We’ve got everything you need to know about the Tachanka rework presentation right here.

The Lord has arisen. Well, he’s about to, at least. Rainbow Six’s Tachanka is the first operator in line for a major rework in Ubisoft’s tactical shooter, and it’s right around the corner.


The cult hero’s overhaul was first revealed at the Six Invitational, to rapturous applause from the crowd. The turret wielding Russian might retain his legendary status, but picking him will no longer be a meme.

Ubisoft are set to drop more details about Tachanka’s rework very soon. In fact, it could be coming in just a matter of weeks, or even days, on Operation Shadow Legacy. Here’s what we know about the full reveal coming soon.


Rainbow Six Tachanka rework stream

It’s unclear if the Tachanka rework full reveal is going to be streamed on Twitch, or just be a video uploaded to Ubisoft’s accounts globally. However, we do have a set date for when you should expect more info: October 7.

The full reveal will go live on October 7 at 10am ET / 1pm ET / 6pm BST.

Tachanka rework details: new molotov gadget, more

Tachanka’s kit is heavily outdated in Rainbow Six. His static playstyle doesn’t fit with the dynamic of Siege. However, that’s all going to change when the Russian defender gets his rework.


We’ve already seen the major changes. Tachanka will now wield an incendiary grenade launcher instead of his turret. It’ll work similarly to Capitao’s bolts, helping lock down certain areas.

“The incendiary grenade launcher not only fits his theme of like World War II, old weapons, but also adds a real interest into his gameplay that’ll move him from being a meme character to a meta pick,” game director Leroy Athanassoff told Dexerto.

He will instead get his LMG as his primary weapon. It comes with supreme destructibility, with the ability to open up soft walls and hatches with ease. It also packs a decent punch, although the fire rate isn’t anything to write home about.


The Lord himself is set to get an Elite skin too. He’s ripped off his top ⁠— but kept the helmet on ⁠— as he marks a new era with a new look.

The Tachanka rework will likely arrive in Operation Shadow Legacy. However, a firm release date hasn’t been locked. We will keep you posted as new info arises.