Rainbow Six

The 5 Best Attacking Operators in Rainbow Six: Siege Year 5

by Andrew Amos


With Year 5 fast approaching for Rainbow Six: Siege, be sure to get your ranked grind off on the right foot by picking up the best attackers in the game right now.

With 27 operators to choose from on attack - including the recent addition of Iana to the Rainbow 6 roster - it can be hard shuffling through what’s good and what’s bad. A lot of attackers have a heavy focus on hard-hitting weaponry, giving them the advantage in gunfights over defenders.

However, there’s some operators that get the perfect blend of strong weaponry and good utility to help them breach into sites, clear out pesky roamers, or just straight up frag.


So, to help you out on the ranked climb, we’ve compiled a list of the best attackers in Rainbow 6, with a bit of help from the pros as well. While this list is purely subjective, and you might vehemently disagree, just remember everyone has different opinions, and we don't mind hearing them either.

Before you get to rattling your keys on Twitter though, just have a quick look at our list of the best Rainbow 6 attackers as we head into Year 5 ⁠— in no particular order.


Thatcher in Rainbow 6
Thatcher's EMP Grenades are one of the strongest gadgets for attackers.

Thatcher is a defender’s worst nightmare. Given defenders usually have the leg-up on attackers thanks to their utility, Thatcher’s EMP Grenade can disable their defences, giving operators like Hibana and Thermite the opportunity to breach into site without fear of being stopped.

However, it takes more than just a decent gadget to make a good attacker. The two-speed two-armor SAS unit has access to two strong primary weapons in the AR33 and the L85A2.

The AR33 does 42 damage with a 749 fire rate, making it exceptionally lethal. The L85A2 is no slouch though, dealing 45 damage with a slightly slower fire rate of 670. Taking either is up to personal preference, although the AR33 has an easier to learn spray.


He’s a staple ban for most players in ranked, coming in third at 21%, for good reason. He can make defenders lives’ hell, and if in the right hands, can make the game a cakewalk for attackers.

“If Thatcher is left up, he’s by far one of the strongest operators in Siege, especially if he’s in the right hands,” said Troy ‘Canadian’ Jaroslawski.


Zofia in Rainbow 6
Zofia is Siege's jack-of-all-trades on attack.

Zofia is currently the ultimate jack-of-all-trades in Rainbow 6. Taking over from Ash as the must-have soft-breach for all teams, Zofia’s KS79 Lifeline gadget is arguably the most flexible ⁠— and lethal ⁠— for attackers in Siege.

“The best operators in Siege are the ones you can use in many scenarios,” said Niclas ‘Pengu’ Mouritzen in an interview with Dexerto. “Zofia is always good thanks to her utility and her soft breach.”

Zofia is able to break open sight-lines from afar with her impact rounds, without the initial delay of Ash, and also stun enemies with her concussion grenades. This, combined with her M762 assault rifle, and a claymore to watch her back, makes her incredibly versatile.


Zofia’s kit doesn’t end there though. She’s the only operator on attack that can revive themselves with her Withstand ability. While she only comes back with 5% health, it can save you from a sticky situation if you have no allies nearby.

With all the breaching utility in the world, and the means to keep herself safe and get herself back into action if she finds herself in a tough spot, you’d be hard pressed to find a more flexible attacker than Zofia.


Thermite in Rainbow 6
Thermite is the OG hard breacher in Siege, and he still does a damn good job.

Thermite is all about getting in, getting the job done, and pressing on. The original hard breacher of Siege, Thermite’s Exothermic Charges are still widely considered to be the easiest way to break onto sites.

Getting two of the breach devices a round, Thermite can blow holes in reinforced walls to open up new sight lines. However, he can have his charges destroyed by impact grenades, Kaid and Bandit devices, and stopped by Mute jammers, so he needs some kind of support to be effective.


He’s usually run in conjunction with a Thatcher to help him in that regard, or a soft breacher like Zofia or Buck who can blow holes in the floor below a reinforced wall to take out any defender gadgets.

Once he’s on site, he’s not a bad fragger either. The FBI SWAT attacker has access to the 556XI assault rifle, and while it can feel a bit slow with its 690 fire rate, 46 damage per bullet is enough to blow away most units in three or four shots.

While some complain about power creep, Thermite is the perfect example that the old reliable can still get the job done regardless of the new kids on the block.


Maverick in Rainbow 6
If you put a bit of time into learning Maverick, you'll be able to blow open walls safely in no time.

If you want to take your hard breaching to the next level though, Maverick is your guy. The three-speed Delta Force attacker has access to a defender-proof Breaching Torch, burning holes in enemy defences.

“Thermite’s amazing, but you need a Thatcher to make him even better. So with Maverick, he can work everywhere with hard breach on attack, so he stands out to me,” said Pengu.

You can use the Breaching Torch to open up all kinds of reinforced walls and hatches, and can be more economical than using Hibana pellets or Thermite charges. However, learning how to use Maverick effectively is difficult.

If you torch up your hatches incorrectly, you’ll be vulnerable to enemy fire before you’ve opened the walls entirely, and can jeopardize your team’s entire round. However, luckily he’s got two strong ARs to help him fire back, with the 44 damage, 750 fire rate M4 being the choice of most.

If you think you’re able to give him a crack, there’s arguably no better breacher in the game than Maverick.


Ash in Rainbow 6
Don't listen to the haters — Ash is still one of the best attackers in Rainbow 6.

Ash used to be the king of all attack rounds. The FBI SWAT operator has been a staple pick on attack since the game’s release in 2015, and even after some hefty nerfs, still manages to find her way back into the meta.

Gifted with a lethal combination of three-speed movement, quiet footsteps, and two strong ARs to choose from, Ash is the definition of run-and-gun. However, she also has the ability to blow open paths for herself with her breaching rounds, and stun the enemies with flashes.

While the R4-C used to be the must-have primary for Ash, after losing its ACOG, some players have swapped to the slightly weaker G34C just to have the 2x scope. With both boasting a pretty high fire rate, at 860 and 760 respectively, and decent damage, you can hardly go wrong with either.

She still maintains the highest win rate and presence in ranked play, being labeled as the most overpowered attacker in the Y4S3.3 patch. So, if you thought the good old days with Ash were over after recent nerfs, think again.

That rounds out our list of the best attacking operators going into Year 5 of Rainbow Six: Siege. Do you agree with our list? What would you change? Let us know on Twitter @Dexerto!