Rainbow Six Siege community losing its mind over server issues after Heavy Mettle

Sourav Banik
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With Operation Heavy Mettle’s arrival, Rainbow Six Siege faced server issues yet again and the community is not happy.

Operation Heavy Mettle is the latest major Rainbow Six Siege update, bringing in a new season of content to the game. This includes a new Attacker, playlist changes, operator reworks, and more. When a new season drops, the entire community gets hyped up to try and play the content themselves.

However, that hasn’t been the case since Heavy Mettle’s release on August 29, 2023. Rainbow Six Siege servers faced significant issues, resulting in gameplay disruption for almost half a day.

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Several popular content creators and pro players took it to Twitter, showing their disappointment towards the game, followed by their fans.

Rainbow Six Siege server outage made the entire community angry

It’s no news how often Rainbow Six Siege suffers from server issues. However, with the release of Operation Heavy Mettle, Ubisoft‘s tactical FPS has taken things a notch further where players faced server outages for over 10 hours at a stretch, causing chaos, disappointment, disruption, and frustration.

Popular R6 streamer, Jynxzi, was exasperated and kicked his streaming equipment when the servers were not working after 10 hours of the new season’s drop. He said, “So the servers are not up chat” and then went wild.

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Ex-professional player for G2 Esports, Pengu, unfortunately, was among that part of the community facing issues and said, “Unfortunate with the siege servers – will try again tomorrow, thanks for tuning in :))”

Macie Jay, another well-known personality in the Rainbow Six space was lucky as he didn’t face server issues at all. He chimed in and said, “Do I have streamer privilege or something? I didn’t have any problems with the servers today.😅”

Other players from the community started to post various memes and asked Ubisoft to fix the issues as soon as possible. To which, the devs tweeted, “Hello operators. We are aware that some players are still experiencing connectivity problems in Rainbow Six Siege, and we are looking into the issue. We will keep you updated and apologise for the inconvenience caused by this.”

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Since that tweet, servers have slowly started to come back up and normalcy is returning within the community. Players are finally able to play the new South Korean Attacker, Ram, along with the other changes and reworks brought along with Operation Heavy Mettle.

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