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Rainbow Six Operation North Star leaks: Y6S2 Operator, map rework, more

Published: 17/Apr/2021 8:08 Updated: 17/Apr/2021 7:15

by Andrew Amos


Rainbow Six Y6S2 is on its way, and it’s rumored to be called Operation North Star. A new defender is on its way, as well as a Favela map rework, a potential Smoke overhaul, and more.

Rainbow Six Year 6 is well underway, and Operation Crimson Heist is getting a lot of love from players. From the new operator in Flores, to the Border map rework, a glut of new content dropped in 2021’s first major update.

Year 6 Season 2 is set to be a big one too. Reportedly named Operation North Star, yet another new operator and map rework is on the way, as well as big gameplay changes. Here’s what we know so far.


Rainbow Six Year 6 roadmap
Rainbow Six Year 6 Season 2 is just around the corner.

Rainbow Six Operation North Star operator details

Not much has been revealed about the Rainbow Six Y6S2 operator. All we know is that they’re going to be from the Nakoda nation in Western Canada. They will be the first Operator not aligned with a country, but rather an indigenous tribe.

We do know they’ll be a defender, following on from Flores’ release in Y6S1 as an attacker. We will update you once details of their loadout, abilities, and more are revealed.

Rainbow Six Operation North Star map rework: Favela

This one we do know a little bit about. Favela is going to be the map rework of Rainbow Six Y6S2, unless Ubisoft has changed the schedule since the Year 6 reveal.


Favela Rainbow Six rework
Favela is getting reworked in Rainbow Six Operation North Star.

The Brazilian casual map hasn’t really had a place in the ranked mapset. It’s got a ton of destructible walls facing outside, and there’s a lot of clutter and tight chokes in the map. Ubisoft will likely fix these up with a full rework.

Whether they aim to make it competitively viable like Oregon, or more of a casual rework like House remains to be seen.

Potential Smoke changes coming in Y6S2

The big news to come out recently regarding an upcoming Rainbow Six update is a big overhaul to Smoke. The British defender has been a staple of most comps for years, but Rainbow Six Y6S2 might put an end to that.


According to data miner ‘benjaminstrike,’ Smoke’s Remote Gas Grenade “will work with a new propagation system that prevents the toxic gas from traveling through walls, floors, and ceilings.”

This has made Smoke’s gas grenades very oppressive and hard to counter, and the change will definitely increase his skill cap.

We will keep you updated if more operator reworks are planned for Operation North Star.