Thunderbird revealed as new Rainbow Six defender in Operation North Star


Thunderbird is joining Team Rainbow in Operation North Star. The new Rainbow Six defender has access to a kit filled to the brim with heals, while boasting one of the most lethal weapon loadouts. Here’s what we know.

Operation North Star is now here, and that means the new operator Thunderbird is here to play.

The Nakoda territories defender is set to light up the battlefield with a ying-yang mix of explosive firepower and healing utility. Here’s what you need to know about the game’s 30th defender.

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Thunderbird in Rainbow SixYouTube: Ubisoft
Thunderbird is landing in Rainbow Six in Operation North Star.

Thunderbird details: Kona Station gadget, weapons

Thunderbird is the first Siege operator not from a ‘typical’ nation, instead hailing from the Nakoda Territories of Canada. She is a three-speed defender, with access to a lethal arsenal of weapons unlike others.

Thunderbird can use the Spear.308 (Finka) and SPAS-15 shotgun (Caveira) as her primary guns. Her secondaries are the Q-929 (Lesion and Ying) and the Bearing-9 (Hibana and Echo).

Her gadget, called Kona Station, can heal up allies and enemies in its radius. It fires a charge on a 35 second cooldown, and can even revive nearby downed players. She has access to three of them.

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Thunderbird Kona Station Rainbow SixUbisoft
Thunderbird’s Kona Station is a new healing gadget for defenders.

Her Kona Station can be deactivated by EMPs, and are not bulletproof ⁠— they’ll be destroyed once shot, so you must do your best to protect them for as long as possible. You can pick them up after deploying them, so it’s a smart idea to juggle them around.

Overall, her kit is a nice mix of offense and defense. The fact she is a three-speed with an insane arsenal of weapons will make her a favorite for all the ‘sweats’ right off the bat, so keep an eye out.

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Thunderbird Rainbow Six SiegeUbisoft
Thunderbird is certainly going to find a way into Rainbow Six’s meta.

Thunderbird release date

Thunderbird will be dropping in Operation North Star, which is set to go live on TTS on May 25.

The reworked Favela will be launched at the same time, as well as plenty more changes. You can find out all about them in our Operation North Star hub.