Rainbow Six devs tease major Bartlett University map changes ahead of PvP return

Bartlett University Rainbow Six SiegeUbisoft

Rainbow Six Siege’s ‘Bartlett U.’ multiplayer map will return as a player versus player environment at a later date, Ubisoft Montreal developers have confirmed. 

Rainbow Six’s environmental destruction means good multiplayer maps are the backbone of a fun online experience. Among other maps that have left players dissatisfied – Hereford Base, Fortress, and Tower – Bartlett U. was one of the Rainbow Six’s worst-reviewed maps.

Set on the fictional campus of Bartlett University in Cambridge, Massachusetts, the map was criticized by players for being overly large and messy. In response, Ubisoft removed the map, leaving it only available in Situations and Custom Games.

Now, a few years on, it is set to be returned to PvP modes, even if a release date for a new Bartlett U map is still unclear.

Bartlett University Rainbow Six Year 6Ubisoft
Bartlett U was removed back in Year 2.

The news was confirmed in a recent AMA on Reddit, in which user W0lf619 asked: “Any plans on reworking Barlett U into an actual a PvP map, or is it destined to be excluded forever?”

Yann, a Level Design Director at Ubisoft Montreal, responded: “It will come back in some form. We currently are trying some things like minor changes to complete overhaul.

“The map was done a very long time ago, and it is technically outdated so even with little gameplay changes we would have to redo everything so it allows us a good flexibility on the scale of the changes.”

In short, it seems like the current issues with Bartlett U relate to its aging design and technical limitations. They can be adjusted and brought into 2021, though, as Ubisoft are striving to do with the entire game.

The AMA also saw them explain that no sequel is being planned, merely substantial updates to Siege to ensure it remains expansive and enjoyable. Bartlett U, we can assume, is one map that needs updating to be a part of that.