Grim revealed as Rainbow Six Operation Brutal Swarm attacker

Grim in Rainbow Six SiegeYouTube: Ubisoft

Operation Brutal Swarm is coming to Rainbow Six Siege, and players now have their first look at the new Singaporean attacker: Grim. Living up to the operation name by harnessing a swarm of mechanical bees, here’s what you need to know.

Rainbow Six Year 7 Season 3, named Operation Brutal Swarm, is on its way. A new season always means a new operator, and this time around it’s Grim, a new Singaporean attacker joining Team Rainbow.

Grim has been leaked for months, but it’s now been confirmed for good.

The Singaporean has a unique intel-gathering gadget that could help attacker sides significantly, and it’s all thanks to a swarm of mechanical bees. Here’s what you need to know about Grim in Rainbow Six Siege.

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Who is Grim in Rainbow Six Siege?

Grim is joining Team Rainbow as an attacker in Operation Brutal Swarm. Now fully revealed after the Year 7 Season 3 presentation at the Six Berlin Major, players are quivering over yet another live tracking intel-gathering attacker.

His Kawan Hive Launcher gives attackers live updates on defender locations in a nearby area once they get tagged. The gadget itself is bulletproof until it deploys a swarm of bees that cover an area.

The nano-tech is something Ubisoft really wanted to explore: “We thought it was a very rich fantasy that leads to really interesting visual experiences,” gameplay design director Jeremie Carvin said.

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The canister Grim’s gadget is contained in is bulletproof and can be deployed on any surface — wall, floor, or ceiling. They’ll be tracked in live action, like Lion’s tracking, and they’ll also be debuffed with visual clutter and a lingering ping, similar to Alibi’s, once they leave the swarm.

It can be stopped by Mute jammers though. Wamai and Jager can also stop it, as well as electricity. However, with three speed and a firepower-heavy loadout that boasts the 552 Commando assault rifle, he is all about entrying and making big explosive plays.

“We want to have an attacker that’s about aggression,” game designer Mathieu Lacombe added. “We’ve had operators that were planning heavy, you had to think about what you were doing, but Grim is a bit more about instinct. You have this launcher that denies some area. You have the assault rifle to take areas, so you’re really bringing the fight to them.”

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Grim release date in Rainbow Six Siege

Grim will be released as part of Operation Brutal Swarm in Rainbow Six Siege. The TTS will open on August 26, 2022.

From there it’ll take two to hit live servers, so the Singaporean operator will be available for real starting September 6, 2022.