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Charles Leclerc slams Codemasters FIFA-style driver ratings in F1 2020

Published: 16/Jun/2020 3:42 Updated: 16/Jun/2020 3:58

by Isaac McIntyre


Ferrari star Charles Leclerc has revealed his thoughts on Codemasters’ newly-unveiled F1 2020 driver ratings, and it looks like the Formula 1 contender isn’t too impressed with the FIFA-style rankings.

In an effort to spice up their next Formula 1 game release, Codemasters has brought in a My Team mode. Similar to the popular FIFA career story, F1 2020’s new campaign mode will task fans with taking a personalized star ⁠— and an 11th constructor — to the front of the grid.

The ability to create your own driver, and the car they race in, isn’t the only new feature F1 2020 will boast though. Codemasters is also drawing from the famous FIFA player ranking system, allotting drivers skill ratings.

In theory, this is an interesting addition. Each of the 20 drivers contesting the 2020 season are rated on experience, racecraft, awareness, and pace. When combined, this gives each of the stars a total ranking out of 99.

F1 fans and stars alike are less than impressed, however. Codemasters appears to have based many of the 2020 stats on the 2019 season alone. Some ⁠— Valtteri Bottas’ 99-rated awareness in particular — have already come under fire.

There are a few rankings it’s hard to argue with. Six-time Formula 1 world champion Lewis Hamilton has been awarded a 94 rating, and stands clear atop the totem pole. Red Bull star Max Verstappen draws Bottas in second with a hefty 90.

Others, like four-time champ Sebastian Vettel being ranked lower than some of his less successful Mercedes and Red Bull rivals, and young British star George Russell ⁠— who was just crowned F1 Virtual Esports champion ⁠— have had question marks slapped over their final F1 2020 ratings.

Russell dominated the F1 esports scene after joining, winning four straight virtual races in a row.
Twitter: George Russell
Russell dominated the F1 esports scene after joining midway through the season, winning four straight virtual races in a row.

Russell’s 75 rating, in particular, drew the ire of fellow racing driver Leclerc during one of the Monégasque’s recent Twitch streams. According to the breakout Ferrari star, some of the F1 2020 final ranks are “not appropriate.”

“I saw some, yeah,” Leclerc said during his June 15 stream. “For me, some are not appropriate. Not very well rated. Like, I think George was very low, and he is quick. If you put him in the right car, he’s as quick as the best.”

You can be the final judge on what Codemasters got right and wrong for their new My Team ratings. Here are all the F1 2020 driver rankings:

Codemasters F1 2020 full grid driver rankings

  • Lewis Hamilton ⁠(Mercedes) — 94
  • Valtteri Bottas (Mercedes) ⁠— 90
  • Max Verstappen (Red Bull) ⁠— 90
  • Sebastian Vettel (Ferrari) ⁠— 89
  • Daniel Ricciardo (Renault) ⁠— 87
  • Kimi Raikkonen (Alfa Romeo) ⁠— 87
  • Charles Leclerc (Ferrari) ⁠— 86
  • Sergio Perez (Racing Point) ⁠— 85
  • Carlos Sainz Jr. (McLaren) ⁠— 82
  • Pierre Gasly (Torro Rosso) ⁠— 80
  • Daniil Kyvat (Torro Rosso) ⁠— 80
  • Romain Grosjean (Haas) ⁠— 80
  • Esteban Ocon (Renault) ⁠— 80
  • Alex Albon (Red Bull) ⁠— 79
  • Lando Norris (McLaren) ⁠— 79
  • Lance Stroll (Racing Point) ⁠— 78
  • Kevin Magnussen (Hass) ⁠— 78
  • George Russell (Williams) ⁠— 75
  • Antonio Giovinazzi (Alfa Romeo) ⁠— 73
  • Nicholas Latifi (Williams) ⁠— 64
The full list of F1 2020 driver ratings, as shared by Codemasters.
The full list of F1 2020 driver ratings, ordered by each star’s placement in the 2019 championship race.

Codemasters has not responded to the driver rating backlash so far. It’s likely the Formula 1 title will ship with these My Team rankings in place, despite fan criticism. The new Formula 1 2020 title will be released on Friday, July 10.

Apex Legends

Classic Apex Legends care package bug is plaguing games on Olympus

Published: 29/Nov/2020 13:19

by Joe Craven


A classic Apex Legends care package bug has resurfaced in the ongoing Season 7, meaning it has now plagued every single one of the game’s maps – first Kings Canyon, then World’s Edge and now Olympus. 

A game as big and variable as Apex Legends was bound to be plagued by bugs from time to time, but players have grown increasingly frustrated with Respawn as more and more bugs not only affect gameplay, but return in multiple different seasons.

That is the case with this particular care package issue, which has previously surfaced on both Kings Canyon and World’s Edge. Unfortunately, it has now made a return in Season 7 and Olympus, despite efforts from Respawn to patch it in the past.

Apex Legends Lifeline Cosplay
snowcxs / Respawn Entertainment
Lifeline might be a support legend, but her care packages can get teams out of tricky spots.

The glitch revolves around a care package spawning in a location slightly off the map’s customary boundaries. For example, it might be slightly below, on a couple of the large pipes that help to prop up the Olympus environment.

Pursuing the care package, which often contains top-tier loot, results in an instant death, as one Redditor unluckily found out.

Joking that they got ‘bamboozled’ by a care package, they hopped down below to take advantage of the loot on offer, only to be killed rapidly when hitting the area of the map the care package had nestled itself in.


It doesn’t appear to be an isolated incident either, unfortunately. Another Reddit user shared a YouTube clip entitled ‘It’s a Trap!’

The video shows off an almost identical death, as the allure of top-tier weaponry is enough to provide the player with an instant and immensely frustrating death.

Respawn have not yet responded to the issue, but we expect to see small adjustments made to stop the issues from occurring. For the time being, though, avoid going for care packages that look like they’re in dangerous locations.

For a full list of the bugs Respawn are investigating, you can check out their dedicated Apex Legends Trello board.