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How to watch $250k PUBG Continental Series 4: Americas

Published: 12/Jun/2021 4:43 Updated: 12/Jun/2021 11:22

by Jacob Hale


The $250,000 PUBG Continental Series 4 tournament is ready to get going, bringing together the best teams in North and South America to fight for the huge prize pool and glory across all of the Americas.

After months of grueling competition and high-intensity gameplay to qualify for the event, the 16 best teams across NA and LATAM also have a huge chance to earn the all-important PGC points necessary to qualify for the PUBG Global Championship in November.

As the second of just four events with PGC points on the line, the importance of this one can’t be understated — and the teams will be well aware.


Here’s everything you need to know, including how to tune in to the action, the format, and which teams are in attendance.

PUBG Continental Series 4: Americas stream

The PUBG Continental Series 4 is being streamed on the official PUBG Twitch channel, embedded above, an S-Tier tournament run by PUBG Corp. themselves.

PUBG Continental Series 4: Americas schedule & results

The tournament kicks off on Thursday, June 10, and will run all the way up until Friday, June 25.

Matches take place on Thursdays and Fridays between that time, with all gameplay due to kick off at 4PM PT (7PM ET/12AM BST) each day. They will run alongside the various PCS4 tournaments also being held across Asia, APAC and Europe.


Day 1: Thursday, June 10

Winner determined by placement. Kills in brackets.

Match Winner Runner-Up Third Place
Match 1 Guadalajara Gascans (9) Dignitas (8) Dodge (2)
Match 2 Soniqs (16) Trogloditas (13) 303 Esports (8)
Match 3 A Creche (6) Dignitas (5) Dodge (6)
Match 4 Dignitas (8) TSM (5) Dodge (7)
Match 5 Dodge (7) A Creche (5) Wildcard (6)
Match 6 Spacestation Gaming (5) Latin Dominus (5) 22 Esports (9)

Day 2: Friday, June 11

Winner determined by placement. Kills in brackets.

Match Winner Runner-Up Third Place
Match 1 Enrage Esports (7) eUnited (13) Latin Dominus (3)
Match 2 Dignitas (13) A Creche (9) Soniqs (8)
Match 3 Soniqs (9) Dodge (4) Trogloditas (8)
Match 4 Oath Gaming (12) Wildcard (5) Enrage Esports (6)
Match 5 Oath Gaming (8) Dignitas (10) A Creche (2)
Match 6 Dodge (14) Wildcard (5) Dignitas (4)

Week 1 recap: Soniqs looking strong

Coming into the week as hot favorites, Soniqs didn’t let the pressure get to them as they picked up wins on both Thursday and Friday to keep themselves in first place, as Dignitas continue to apply the pressure.

You can check out our full recap and analysis of this week’s action here.

PUBG Continental Series 4: Americas standings

Standings determined by prize money earned.

Placement Team Wins Kills Prize Money
1 Soniqs 2 84 $20,000
2 Dignitas 2 68 $14,000
3 Dodge 2 54 $10,000
4 Oath Gaming 2 50 $8,000
5 Guadalajara Gascans 1 39 $6,000
6 A Creche 1 37 $5,000
7 Enrage Esports 1 36 $4,000
8 Spacestation Gaming 1 35 $3,000
9 Trogloditas 0 47 $0
10 Wildcard 0 45 $0
11 TSM 0 45 $0
12 22 Esports 0 43 $0
13 303 Esports 0 39 $0
14 eUnited 0 33 $0
15 Veritas 0 32 $0
16 Latin Dominus 0 30 $0

PUBG Continental Series 4: Americas format & prize pool

36 matches will be played across six days of tournament play, with match and series winners deemed by the ‘Most Chicken’ rule. This rule means that the winner of the match is the team who wins the Chicken Dinner. Similarly, the winning team of the series will be determined by the number of Chicken Dinners won.

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Here’s how the prize pool breaks down for participating teams. It’s worth noting that the overall winner of the tournament receives $20,000, but that’s on top of another $230,000 that will be awarded as Special Awards and throughout each week of play. Whoever has the most money earned at the end of the tournament is deemed the winner.

Placement PGC Points Prize money earned
1st 450 $20,000
2nd 270
3rd 215
4th 180
5th 145
6th 105
7th 90
8th 75
9-10th 55
11-12th 40
13-14th 25
15-16th 15

Here’s how the weekly prize and special awards are given out:

Weekly Prize (all weeks)
1st $20,000 5th $6,000
2nd $14,000 6th $5,000
3rd $10,000 7th $4,000
4th $8,000 8th $3,000
Special Awards
Insane Squad $5,000
Kill Leader $5,000
All PCS Team $2,500

PUBG Continental Series 4: Americas teams

Finally, here are all the teams and players that will be in attendance at the tournament. There’s plenty to look forward to with plenty of players to watch in Week One.


While PUBG is played with four-player squads, some teams also have a fifth player ready just in case.

Team Players
TSM aLOW, luke12, Pentalo, PurdyKurty, Taryn
Dignitas HoneyBadger, Poonage, Shinboi, Sparkingg
Oath Gaming Balefrost, Kickstart, Relo, Snakers
Susquehanna Soniqs hwinn, M1me, Shrimzy, TGLTN
Spacestation Gaming Keenan, Roth, Sharpshot, Uncivil
Wildcard Gaming Maji, TsoK, Zealot, Zrayven, Beck
Latin Dominus danitw, PIPAA, AleeRv, f1sherr
Trogloditas rustyzera, Execs, killdemo, necroAQN, rds149
ENRAGE Gaming ps1co, Rds149, Balkkan, Guben11, Assen
22 Esports rogiw0w, v1n1, bisnag4, HazeteN, swaggerrr-
A Creche and1FPS, vhz, kyshenn, RbNN1, SodaWipe1
303 Esports tplentz, H11jr, TrisK, FAISKA
Dodge f1nna, HalloSenpai, Lampalot, Vegas
eUnited Valliate, Waldoe, CherryFPS, LosHD
Guadalajara Gascans Adam, Hikerman, nicoos, oldless
Team Veritas DannyG, Ethan, Jazza, mykLe