Why you should stock up on Reshiram and Zekrom in Pokemon Go

Published: 30/May/2020 15:46

by Paul Cot


Reshiram is now available within five-star Raid Battles in Pokemon Go, with both Zekrom and Kyurem following shortly. Aside from their obvious power, there’s another reason you may want to stock-up on them.

The ‘Tao trio’ were first introduced in Pokemon Black and White — with each of them featuring as the box art for the Gen 5 games. Kyurem, while not featuring on the box, is able to fuse with either of Reshiram or Zekrom to become White Kyurem or Black Kyurem, respectively.

Interestingly the fused forms of Kyurem share the same Pokedex entry. This could mean you will need a Kyurem and Reshiram/Zekrom to get either of them.

White Black Kyurem Pokemon Go
Pokemon Company
White and Black Kyurem are created by fusing Kyurem with Reshiram and Zekrom, respectively.

How will White and Black Kyurem work?

Reshiram and Zekrom fusion material

We’re yet to see this in Pokemon Go, but this could mark the first time two Pokemon are required to create another — this is why it is worth doing those extra Raid Battles just in case!

Besides, the worst case is they aren’t needed and you end up with some extra super powerful legends… There really is little downside! In Pokemon Black and White 2, the fusion was reversible, but given the mechanics of Pokemon Go it’s unlikely the mobile game will follow suit.

The Pokemon Go community also see this as a possibility, with one trainer saying: “It strikes me as entirely possible that PoGo may require you to use Reshiram/Zekrom as a ‘fusion material’ to make Black/White Kyurem.”

Similar to Giratina

White Kyurem and Black Kyurem may work similarly to Altered and Origin Forme Giratina, where they are entirely separate Pokemon. They share the same Pokedex entry, but in terms of Pokemon Go, they have their own unique stats and moves.

If the same principle is used, White and Black Kyurem will fall under the Kyurem Pokedex entry. That would also mean you don’t need to get rid of Reshiram or Zekrom to get one.

With the Therian forms of Tornadus, Thundurus and Landorus yet to be released in the mobile game, there are still a lot of questions about how they will be handled. How Niantic tackle this issue may reveal how Tao trio will be treated, too.

Reshiram will be available in five-star Raids until June 16 and will then be replaced by Zekrom until a yet-to-be announced date. Presumably it will be until July 7.


How to beat Kyogre in Pokemon Go: strategy & best counters

Published: 20/Jan/2021 0:59

by Brent Koepp


Pokemon Go is kicking off the new year by celebrating the Hoenn region in January. This month players will revisit Ruby & Sapphire to take on Kyogre. Here is how to beat the Gen III Legendary in no time.

Niantic is dedicating the start of 2021 to all previous Generations, leading up to Pokemon’s 25th anniversary. In January, Go players will be able to face off against Ruby & Sapphire’s Legendary Kyogre.

The Legendary whale offers up a serious challenge, but can be taken down fairly easily with the right counters. We will go over the best way to take down the mighty beast.

Pokemon Kyogre, and Groudon in Go Hoenn Celebration.
Niantic / The Pokemon Company
Gen III Legendaries will be featured in Raids during the Hoenn celebration.

How to defeat Kyogre in Pokemon Go

First introduced in Gen III’s Ruby & Sapphire, Kyogre has been a fan-favorite of Water-type Trainers for over the last decade. The primordial whale is both epic in size, and powerful in its attacks.

While intimidating for sure, the weather trio beast also has some major weaknesses that players can exploit rather easily with the right team of Pokemon.

Players will want to heavily focus on both Electric and Grass types to bring the ‘mon down. Below we will go over the best team and counters to achieve victory.

Screenshot of Legendary Zekrom in Pokemon anime.
Game Freak / The Pokemon Company
The Gen V Legendary is one of the best counters to Kyogre.

Best counters for Kyogre in Pokemon Go

  • Zekrom: The Black & White Legendary is a perfect counter to the Kyogre as its strong Electric moves will melt away the beast’s health. We recommend using Charge Beam and Wild Charge attacks.
  • Tangrowth: The Gen IV evolution is a perfect choice to leverage the Hoenn ‘mon’s Grass weakness. Vine Whip and Power Whip will quickly chip away the monster’s health.
  • Electivire: A favorite from Diamond & Pearl, the Electabuzz evolution packs a mean punch with Thundershock and Wild Charge attack combo.
  • Zapdos: A part of the Gen I bird trio, Zapdos is another great choice to take down Kyogre. Both Thundershock and Thunderbolt.

While there are a wide variety of Grass and Electric monsters we can use, not everyone has a powerful elite team of ‘mon, especially newcomers to the game. Below we will go over some lower-entry picks that can still pack a punch.

Screenshot of Gen 3 starter evolution Sceptile in Pokemon anime.
Game Freak / The Pokemon Company
Sceptile and other budget Grass and Electric Pokemon can also bring the whale down.
  • Roserade: Introduced in Diamond & Pearl, the Grass type is a solid budget level counter for the whale. We recommend using Razor Leaf and Solar Beam.
  • Jolteon: One of the most popular Eeveelutions of all time, the Electric type is easy to obtain in Go and powerful. Both Thundershock Thunderbolt will hit the Water Legendary hard.
  • Sceptile: The Gen III starter evolution has strong Grass moves that take advantage of Kyogre’s second stat weakness. Both Bullet Seed and Leaf Blade make for a deadly combination.
  • Luxray: The adorable Electric Lion is another entry level encounter that help you bring down the beast. Use Spark and Wild Charge.

For veteran players, Shadow versions of Raikou and Electivire are technically the absolute best and quickest way to defeat Kyogre. However, these rare ‘mon had to have been acquired in the past.

Ultimately, teaming up with a group of players who have Electric and Grass type Pokemon will bring down the weather trio Legendary. Use moves suggested above and feel free to mix and match with other characters.