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Which Pokemon could headline future Community Days

Published: 29/May/2020 22:45

by Paul Cot


The June and July Pokemon Go Community Day headliners are now settled and will be Weedle and Gastly, respectively. What other Pokemon can headline future Community Days, though?

We know the Gen 5 starters – Snivy, Tepig and Oshawott – will be headliners at some point. The last starter Pokemon to headline was Piplup back in January, so it looks Niantic are saving the starters, at least for a little while.

They also look like they’re allowing trainers to choose the headliner themselves as evidenced with the two recent votes. We can expect more votes down the line, so let’s take a look at some species that may be included in future voting.



Machop is the quintessential, classic fighting Pokemon line. Its final evolution, Machamp, embodies everything you’d expect a fighting-type species to be.

Surprisingly, it hasn’t featured in a Community Day yet, though. We’d have thought it would only be a matter of time before it gets the headlining slot.

Machop Headliner
What a Machop Community Day would look like in the anime!

It did have the chance to headline in February but was beaten by Rhyhorn. Interestingly it would have been given a dark-type move called Payback – a move that’s not currently in the game.

This would have made it stronger against two of its weaknesses in ghost and psychic-type Pokemon. It was certainly not a move that would have changed any metas though, even if its stats had been very powerful.



Much like Machop is the face of fighting Pokemon for some trainers, there’s a good argument Geodude is the face of rock-types. After all, it is quite literally a rock with arms.

Unfortunately, Pokemon Go isn’t lacking in powerful rock-types, which may take some of Geodude’s appeal away. However, with the right exclusive move this could change.

Geodude Headliner
Geodude alongside its Alolan form…

Golem has Mud Shot as a legacy Fast Move which would provide a significant increase on its current Fast Moves – Mud Slap and Rock Throw – energy generation. This, alongside the fast charging Ancient Power or Rock Blast would be a formidable combination, so much so it begs the question whether Niantic would actually offer it.


Throw Earthquake into the equation and Golem may shoot up to the very elite of rock-type Pokemon. Rock Wrecker, the powerful Charge Move with a DPE of 2.2 could be alternative exclusive move.


Shinx is a very popular Pokemon. Should it get a headlining spot down the line it would be the first type an electric-type has since Mareep on April 2.

Luxray already has a very powerful Charge type Move with Wild Charge – it deals 100 damage for just 45 energy. Therefore, a new Charge Move isn’t really needed.

Shinx Headliner
Shinx is an electric lion cub…

Its best Fast Move is currently Spark which deals 2 DPT and generates 4 EPT. This is great for utilizing Wild Charge but doesn’t deal much damage.


Volt Switch could be added as the exclusive move as it has 3 DPT and 4 EPT – a small but notable improvement on Spark. This would make Luxray very much worth having without making it too powerful.

Shinx is currently featured as the May Research Breakthrough encounter, though, which may prevent it from getting a spot as a Community Day headliner anytime soon.


If there were a Pokemon Go Community Day vote tomorrow and Gible was included, it would be a safe bet it would come out on top. The Land Shark Pokemon is not only very popular itself but evolves into the powerful attacker Garchomp.


Gible is also very rare, so featuring it as a headliner would naturally take away from that. This is why Gible headlining anytime soon is unlikely.

Gible Headliner
Gible’s rarity in Pokemon Go means it probably won’t headline a Community Day soon…

Regardless, that won’t stop trainers from wanting it. Garchomp is a dual dragon and ground-type species so either one of those type of moves would be likely to feature as an exclusive move.

It already has the Mud Shot, which as mentioned above has superb energy generation. This would make perhaps make a Charge Move like Dragon Claw overpowered, as it could be spammed too frequently.

It already has Outrage which damages 110 for 60 energy. So, Draco Meteor could be a natural improvement as an exclusive move with 150 damage for 65 energy.

Which of these Pokemon would you like to see in a Community Day – are there any others that come to mind? Let us know on our Pokemon Twitter page.