The 3 most useless Legendary Pokemon in Pokemon Go

Paul Cot

Legendary Pokemon are species that are not only more powerful, but rarer too. Some don’t live up to their legendary title when it comes to battling in Pokemon Go, though. Here are three Legendary Pokemon you needn’t worry about.

With nearly five generations of Legendary species already in the mobile game, there are plenty to catch. Some like Altered Forme Giratina are absolute must haves when it comes to the Pokemon Go meta.

The likes of Dialga and Mewtwo are also highly sought after. Then there are the ‘middle range’ of legends such as the Kanto birds and Johto beasts.

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However, there are some which provide little to no use at all. You may want to get them to complete your Pokedex but beyond that they won’t help you.

Terrakion Pokemon Go Weak@PokemonGoApp
Terrakion may look strong but unfortunately it isn’t…

3. Terrakion

There is a discussion to be had as to whether Terrakion or Virizion is the weakest of the Swords of Justice. It’s a close call, but given the Cavern Pokemon has next to no use in PvP, we think it’s pips the Grassland Pokemon for little use.

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Some would argue Virizon’s plethora of weaknesses should give it the edge, but if used correctly it does have a bit of effectiveness in GO Battle League. This in large part is thanks to its good defensive stats.

Terrakion on the other hand, has terrible defense. This complimented with a distinct lack of good Fast Move options makes it an easy win for most species in PvP.

While it does offer some utility in Raid Battles against Pokemon with a rock-type weakness, it doesn’t offer anything Rampardos doesn’t. The Head Butt Pokemon has shockingly incredible attacking stats and has the same moves available that Terrakion does.

Azelf Legendary Weak@PokemonGoApp
Azelf might have fantastic attacking stats but its defense makes it practically unusable…

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2. Azelf

Azelf is similar to Terrakion in that its defense just doesn’t match up to its attack. This holds even truer for the Willpower Pokemon.

It does have decent moves in Confusion and Future Sight but its other options such as Swift are pretty poor. However, this applies to the PvP aspect of Pokemon Go.

PvE is a different story as Azelf is one of the better options in the psychic category. We wouldn’t use it against anything other than fighting-types, though.

Its fellow Lake Guardians are more rounded options due to their superior defense. The stats given to Azelf aren’t a bad decision though, because if it did match the defense of Uxie, or even Mespirit, it would no doubt be overpowered. It’s amazing how important defense is in Pokemon Go.

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Deoxys Defense Weak@PokemonGoApp
Incredible attack, terrible defense – say no more for Deoxys Normal and Attack Forme.

1. Deoxys Normal and Attack Forme

Deoxys Normal Form and Attack Form have respectively the second and first best attack in all of Pokemon Go. That doesn’t stop them from being utterly useless in the game, though.

For a Legendary Pokemon its Normal Form has insanely bad defense at 115. This is only surpassed by its Attack Form which has a defense stat of 46 – yes you read that right, 46.

It goes without saying that it is completely unusable in GO Battle League, but some of you may think it could do some damage in Raid Battles. You’d be right, it can, but for the shortest amount of time.

Don’t use, but hold as Niantic might give it a buff in the future. And yes, we know Deoxys is a Mythical Pokemon but its ineffectiveness had to be highlighted!