Pokemon Go tip: Save 10 seconds every catch

by Paul Cotton


If you're a Pokemon Go player then you'll know just how many hours you can spend catching Pokemon, but this tip could save you an enormous amount of time.


From clicking on the Pokemon, to using berries, selecting your Pokeball, then lining up the throw and watching the catch animation, when you combine this over 100s of Pokemon it becomes an enormous amount of time.

Sometimes the catch animation will lock out at the end resulting in you having to wait to see if you caught the Pokemon. Others won't have the patience and restart the Pokemon Go app, a process which isn't exactly quick in itself.

A lot of catching Pokemon is the catch animation itself...


Skip the catch animation

Fortunately, you can actually skip the catch animation entirely. It may sound complicated at first but it's actually very easy and will become second nature once it becomes habit.

Step 1

Firstly, encounter the Pokemon. On the screen where you attempt to capture it there are berry options on the left, choice of Pokeball on the right and the Pokeball you will use to catch it in the center.


With your left hand drag the Pokeball on on the right hand side of the screen to the left. This will make it move slightly to the left but make sure your left hand continues all the way to the far left hand side.

This will keep the Pokeball on the right in its altered position will allowing you to use your right hand to throw the Pokeball.

FLW Videos
FLW Videos
The Pokeballs on the right will come toward the center of the screen...


Step 2

With that right hand catch the Pokemon in the fashion you usually would. Ideally this will be with a curveball as it significantly increases your chances of capture.

If you want to learn more about maximizing your catch success rate, you can read Pokemon Go catch tips guide.

Step 3

Upon the Pokemon going inside the Pokeball, the choice of other types of ball will appear. Don't worry about that, as you have already thrown the ball.

Instead click anywhere on the top half of the screen, somewhere around the Pokemon, to remove this menu. Now, you can run from the battle, skipping the catch animation.



Step 4

Of course it isn't guaranteed that you actually caught the Pokemon - after all, there is a good chance of failure with each throw, depending on varying factors including the level of Pokemon itself.

However, you can quickly check if you have by clicking on that same Pokemon in the overworld. If you have been successful it will come up with the message "The Pokemon couldn't be found (25)". If not, you'll just enter the encounter again.

With these steps it does sound somewhat time consuming but as mentioned above it is a far quicker method that will save time in the long run if you persevere with it.

If you catch even 100 Pokemon a month then that would be saving nearly 17 minutes, so try it out! Credit to FLW Videos whose video is embedded above.