Tinder DMs reveal failed Pokemon Go pickup line and it's just the worst - Dexerto

Tinder DMs reveal failed Pokemon Go pickup line and it’s just the worst

Published: 15/Nov/2021 23:23

by Connor Knudsen


These shared Tinder DMs show us why, sometimes, it’s best to leave your Pokémon Go prowess for later in the relationship.

Due to the events of 2020 and 2021, people have been forced to constantly adapt and come up with innovative ways to form relationships.

Apps like Tinder have been useful for many looking to connect with new people, but that doesn’t always mean it goes smoothly.

One bold self-proclaimed Pokemon Go expert shows us that, sometimes, dropping the adorable pocket monster mobile game isn’t the best pickup line.

Pokemon Go failed pickup line on Tinder

Confetti falling from the sky in Pokemon GO
Pokemon Go and Tinder are two things we never expected to be combined, but we aren’t complaining.

In a post shared originally to r/Tinder, then subsequently shared to r/Pokemongo, a user shares a screenshot of a hilarious DM where they attempted to use Pokémon Go as a pickup line.


Joking that they “should’ve mentioned I have a shiny Dialga,” the player shows off their hilarious response to a Tinder DM when asked about having additional character traits.

In response, they simply said, “My roommates say I’m pretty good at Pokémon Go.”

The screenshot is taken several hours after sending, still awaiting a response to that message.

This may be one of the first times that Pokémon Go has been used as a pickup line on a dating app, but it surely won’t be the last, especially if the comments in r/Tinder are any indicator of that community’s love for the mobile game.


In response to the post, many in the subreddit began talking about the game, their experiences with shiny Dialga’s, and some hot tips on catching Pokémon. “I love how we just turned r/tinder into a Pokémon Go tutorial,” one user said.

In response, another said, “I have more success at Pokémon Go than Tinder, so I’m better off giving advice on the first one.”

Despite the subreddit’s support, the lack of a response to the DM does put into question the effectiveness of the pickup line. Sadly, at the current moment, this looks like a Normal-type Pokémon trying to attack a Ghost-type – no effect.