This major Pokemon Go feature has to go according to fans

Jessica Filby
The Pokemon Mewtwo appears floating in the air, alongside a Pokemon Go purified gem

Pokemon Go players have had enough of one major Pokemon Go feature and are now calling for Purified Gems to be taken out of the game.

There are plenty of frustrating features for players in Pokemon Go, and the community is quick to slam any that aren’t implemented properly or are more hassle than they’re worth. In fact, the Purified Gems are one such feature, with the player base now calling for Niantic to remove the mechanic altogether.

Sharing their frustrations on the Pokemon Go’s Silph Road Reddit page, one user called for Niantic to “just remove the shadow raid gem mechanic” after experiencing multiple glitches, losses, and wasted raid passes.

During an Entei raid, the poster explains that “the enrage glitches out, once again, wasting our raid pass and our gems. Sadly we were one gem short of a retry so a good 30 min and resources wasted” meaning all that hard work and resources were wasted after a frustrating bug, and because they needed to get more gems, they couldn’t just dive back in safely.

They went on to explain: “This shadow stuff is already hard enough on our rural communities but on top of that these bugs man. Just disable the gem mechanic already. Boost the HP to compensate and call it a day. Or make it so the gems (and raid pass for that matter) are only consumed on entering the catch screen.”

Many other Pokemon Go players felt the same way, with hundreds taking to the comments to call for its removal.

“This whole system is insanely difficult for no reason” commented one player, while another echoed the poster’s frustrations by adding that players “shouldn’t need a certain amount to trigger the effect. Each one should reduce the rage boost by a certain percentage. Would both be less annoying and be less glitchy.”

It’s clear the community has had enough of Purified Gems, and it’s up to Niantic to either fix any related bugs or remove them altogether. Although no word has been issued regarding change or new mechanics.

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