Teacher’s strict rules on playing Pokemon Go at school have gone viral again

Philip Trahan
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The Pokemon Company / Niantic

One teacher’s strict yet hilarious rules meant to stop students from playing Pokemon Go in class have gone viral once again. 

When Pokemon Go was first released in 2016 it quickly became a global phenomenon. Having the ability to catch Pokemon anywhere, from city walks to schooldays, meant fans were more immersed in the world than ever.

As a result, many schools across the globe had a tough time trying to keep students focused in class instead of playing the game during lectures.

Now, a poster made in 2016 that displays some steep punishments for playing Pokemon Go in class has resurfaced – and it’s just as funny as you may remember it.

Teacher’s strict rules on Pokemon Go have gone viral

When Catch Pokemon Go CP
Pokemon Go took the world by storm shortly following its release on July 6, 2016.

The post comes from the Pokemon Go subreddit by user ‘xc6000’ who posted the picture with the title “Relic from the past.”

This image shows a poster detailing the consequences students will face after being caught playing the game.

With the first offense reading “I will take your phone from you and WASTE all of your pokeballs,” it’s clear this teacher has some idea of what Pokemon is about.

However, the second offense makes it clear this teacher knows their stuff: “After wasting your pokeballs I will use your incense and lucky egg!”

Finally, committing a third offense would result in the teacher transferring players “highest level and rarest Pokemon,” even adding that 1 candy in exchange for a 1435 CP Dragonite “seems fair.”

The post gained nearly 10,000 upvotes in under 24 hours, with comments reminiscing about the early days of the game.

“D**n, remember when Pokémon go came out and everyone was playing it? I would literally drive location to location around the city with my friends catching Pokémon and we would see other groups of people doing the same,” said user ‘spinyfever.’

Others reminisced about how much the game has changed since launch, with user SmashingEmeraldz noting “The power creep since launch has been insane” and that many trainers’ best Pokemon was “low to mid thousand” CP back then.

While teachers probably aren’t as worried about players playing the game during class these days, one thing is certain: Pokemon Go has changed quite a bit since 2016.