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How to fix Pokemon Go Incense not working bug

Published: 7/Jun/2021 10:56

by Lauren Bergin


Incenses are one of the most popular items in Pokemon Go, but a frustrating bug means that sometimes they’re not working quite as intended. 

One of the most irritating bugs in Niantic’s iconic mobile app, Pokemon Go, is when your incense just doesn’t work.

This is even more annoying for players with an Orange Incense, which spawns during events and is a perfect way to attract the Pokemon being celebrated. Losing it is pretty devastating, especially because you have to grind through Research Tasks and levels to get it for free.

Luckily, though, if you’re experiencing issues with your incense not working as planned you’re in luck, we’ve got an easy fix for you right here.


Pokemon Go Incense
Turns out Pokemon Go’s incense has been attracting some bugs recently…

Pokemon Go Incense not working

Throughout the years, Pokemon Go players everywhere have been having issues with normal and Orange Incense not working as they should.

Quite simply, the whole point of Incense is to attract Pokemon to your area, but this bug means that this doesn’t happen. Instead, you’ve just wasted the coveted item and received no reward for your efforts. Thankfully, though, there’s a pretty easy fix for this.

How to fix Pokemon Go Incense bug on Apple iOS

This issue relates to the time settings on the device that you’re playing on. In order to fix it, you must ensure that your device is on “automatic” time.

To do this on an Apple device, you have to:


  1. Open “Settings.”
  2. Select “General.”
  3. Scroll down to “Date & Time” and tap it.
  4. Make sure that “Set Automatically” is marked as green.
Pokemon Go Incense bug fix
You need to make sure that “set automatically” is green.

How to fix Pokemon Go Incense bug on Android

The steps to solving this issue on Android are pretty similar:

  1. Open “System.”
  2. Select “Date & Time.”
  3. Ensure that “Automatic Date & Time” and “Automatic Time Zone” are marked as blue.

So, if your Pokemon Go Incense isn’t working, that’s how you fix it! Hopefully, this will help you out if you’re having some issues snagging all of those elusive Pokemon!

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