Spectacular Pokemon Emerald shiny fail leaves Erobb speechless

by Brent Koepp
Twitch: erobb221 / Game Freak


Twitch streamer Erobb was stunned after he realized he had accidentally defeated a shiny Pokemon while playing Emerald. The personality failed to recognize the extremely rare encounter. 

Shiny Pokemon were first introduced in Generation II, and gave trainers a chance at catching an extremely rare alternate colored version of their favorite monsters.

However during his April 2 broadcast, Twitch personality Erobb failed to recognize he'd encountered one after blasting his way through the 2004 Gameboy Advance title.

Game Freak
The Gameboy Advance title launched in 2005 in the West.


The streamer decided to play the beloved Nintendo title for his viewers. However, he quickly opted to use a gameplay speed booster on an emulator to make things move quicker.

As he zipped back and forth across the map, he said aloud, "This is not cheating, I don't care what anybody says I'm doing this!" He then turned towards his chat and replied, "It is still playing the game, dude. It just lets me get to the good parts faster!"

However, after continuing to speed through several Pokemon battles, he then encountered a shiny green Taillow. Not realizing what he had found, he proceeded to attack and it knock it out before moving on to the next one.


His chat then exploded with viewers telling him what he had just done. A couple seconds later they caught his attention and he replied "That was a shiny? Wait, was that rare?"

Someone in his audience then informed him just how rare it was. He then screamed "1 in 8 thousand chance!? I thought it was just evolved!"

The streamer then let the whole thing sink in before he said "Oh my God!" His viewers exploded into laughter as he missed out on an incredibly lucky encounter.


Based on his reaction, it's hard to tell if Erobb's sped up gameplay played a role or not. Although it appears he simply just didn't know that the Pokemon was a shiny.

The Twitch streamer isn't the first one to fail spectacularly in this regard. Over the years trainers have made similar mistakes  – although having the gameplay sped up surely couldn't have helped.