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Pokemon • Dec 12, 2018

Pokemon Let's Go shiny fails compilation

Pokemon Let's Go shiny fails compilation

Shiny hunting in Pokemon Let's Go is the craze right now. Little beats the feeling of finally finding that shiny Pokemon. However, sometimes things don't go to plan which results in the dreaded shiny fail...


Pokemon Let's Go Shiny

Pokemon trainers are spending hours at a time searching for their favorite shiny Pokemon. There are several ways to reduce this time by increasing the odds of a shiny spawn, which is discussed below. Even with these methods shiny hunting can be frustratingly time consuming.

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Shiny Fails

This is what makes finally finding that shiny all the more rewarding. Catching Pokemon is relatively guaranteed as long as you're prepared and don't do anything silly!

Nevertheless, sometimes the magnitude of the moment gets the better of Pokemon trainers. This results in the shiny Pokemon not being caught.

These shiny fails can range from excruciating to just plain sad. Here are the best shiny fails the internet has to offer.


Shiny Charmander Runs!

Skugge Matsi tried to put a brave face on Charmander running away. After a short period of reflection he lets his feelings known though!

First Shiny Mewtwo Fail

Yoehn took failing to capture a shiny Mewtwo very well considering the 552 restarts he put into it! If you're going to shiny Mewtwo hunt then at least make sure you're Pokemon are strong enough to comfortably defeat it.

Moreover, the match time plays a big part. Therefore, don't take your time capturing it!

Master Ball Fail?

Master balls have a 100% capture rate. Therefore, this might the closest thing to a master ball fail.

This shiny Tangela ran away before the master ball could even be thrown!

Shiny Lapras Fail - Sort Of

Secondly, here is a fail that fortunately wasn't punished. JubileeBlais didn't see a shiny Lapras spawn and was understandably disappointed when her chat informed her of the miss. Luckily said shiny Lapras spawned again a few minutes later!

Keep Your Eye on The Game!

Taking your eye off the game for just a split second can cost you a shiny and hours of work. Twitch streamer Briikk found out the hard way!

Shiny Drowzee Fail

Gubba had been desperate for a Drowzee shiny in Pokemon Let's Go. Why Drowzee? Good question, but Gubba wanted Drowzee bad!

Her reaction when a shiny variant finally spawned was loud to say the least. The pressure got to her though and despite the over the top reaction when it spawned, you can't help but feel sorry for her afterwards!

Shiny Zapdos Fail

Imagine having a shiny Zapdos spawn and then not even encountering it. Well that's what Mr Jesse Hammond did. He didn't fully grasp a shiny had spawned at first, encountering another Pokemon by mistake.

When the penny finally dropped, he encountered another Pokemon by mistake! Once he ran away from the second encounter, the shiny Zapdos had vanished.

Shiny Mewtwo Fail

Failing to capture any shiny Pokemon is heart-breaking. Words can't describe what it must feel like to let a legendary shiny Pokemon escape. And then there's failing to capture a Shiny Mewtwo. That's exactly what SUKnives managed to do.

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