Police seize Pokemon Go player’s 6 guns after coming home and fighting with woman

pokemon go player arrestedSpringfield Police Department

A Pokemon Go player has been arrested for domestic assault after allegedly attacking a woman with a gun, resulting in his six firearms being seized by police.

36-year-old Cole Curtis Penson is in custody after coming home from playing Pokemon Go and getting into a fight with a woman upon his return.

According to Ozarks First, the woman called the Springfield Police Department to tell them she was going to shoot Penson after she had been assaulted.

When police arrived, Penson had left, but they found copious amounts of blood in rooms throughout the residence and the victim had to be taken to the hospital, having suffered injuries to her face.

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Man arrested after coming home from playing Pokemon Go and fighting woman

Once at the hospital, the victim explained that there were multiple firearms in the house, but only one belonged to her.

As a result, six firearms were taken, including three semi-automatic rifles, an AR-15, two handguns, and a 20-gauge shotgun.

pokemon go player sues policeNiantic
Police arrested the man for domestic assault.

The victim claimed that when Penson came home from playing Pokemon Go, he got into a fight with her, punched her in the face, and slammed her head until she lost consciousness.

She reportedly had a three-year-old child with her who witnessed the attack. At one point, the woman said she grabbed a pole and used it to defend herself.

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Eventually, Penson was arrested, but maintains his innocence. While in custody, he claimed that he was acting in self-defense.

Penson has pleaded not guilty to the charges of one felony count of first-degree domestic assault and six felony counts of unlawful possession of a firearm.