Pokemon’s Kanto region has been beautifully reimagined in fan pixel art project

Terry Oh
Pokemon Art

Fans came together to create a beautiful pixel art version of the entire region of Kanto, full of easter eggs and callbacks to the franchise. They’ve also created their own version of Johto as well, showcasing their massive love for the older generation of Pokemon.

The Pokemon games of the older generation had very simple, yet stylized graphics, where the game developers intentionally used every potential pixel to their advantage.

These pixelated graphics characterized a generation of gamers, who grew up looking at these pixels, which have now become outdated by 3D models.

A group of pixel artists took it upon themselves to revitalize Kanto’s map by creating their own pixel version of the region, paying homage to the classic narratives which once filled many children’s hearts.

To experience the art yourselves, click the website to be transported to a recreated version of Kanto.

The vibrant colors and wonderfully created characters sprinkled throughout the pixelized version of Kanto create a unique narrative, bringing massive waves of nostalgia to any player who grew up on generation I.

From adventures in the tall grasses of the Safari Zone to discovering Articuno perched on top of a tall mountain, Kanto Redrawn pays homage to the classic first entries of the franchise.

Though using an arguably outdated method of art, their intentional design choices allow the artistic rendition of Kanto to be observed with similar vibes as the original Pokemon Red and Blue, all the while innovating with their drawings.

The detailed expressions and colors would have technically been impossible to mimic on the original GameBoy versions’ graphics. But their decisive choice to use pixels as their medium of expression allow the artwork to reign itself in — with no aspect of the massive piece breaking the nostalgic atmosphere.

Kanto Redrawn also recreated Johto as well, albeit their Johto version isn’t quite as filled with callbacks and details as their Kanto Redrawn.

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