Pokemon unveils Van Gogh Museum collab promo TCG card & art

Philip Trahan
pokemon van gogh card artThe Pokemon Company / Van Gogh Museum

The Pokemon Company has unveiled brand new artwork in collaboration with the Van Gogh Museum, as well as a new TCG promo card.

On September 12, 2023, The Pokemon Company announced a collaboration with the Van Gogh Musueum in Amsterdam through a short, animated trailer on its official YouTube channel.

Though details were scarce, fans got a brief glimpse of Pokemon like Pikachu and Eevee integrating with some of Van Gogh’s most iconic pieces of art.

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Now, Pokemon has unveiled brand new Van Gogh-inspired artwork that will be part of the collab, including an exclusive TCG promo card featuring Pikachu.

Pokemon reveals Van Gogh Museum collab artwork

The official Pokemon Twitter/X account revealed further details about the Van Gogh Museum collab on September 27, 2023.

As per the tweet, the Pokemon x Van Gogh Museum collaboration with take place from Thursday, Septemeber 28, 2023, until Sunday, January 7, 2024, in Amsterdam.

For the duration of the collab, those who visit the museum can see Pokemon-themed artworks inspired by Van Gogh, take part in an art hunt, and purchase exclusive merch “from the Pokemon Center and at the museum.”

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Additionally, the Pokemon TCG Twitter/X account unveiled the ‘Pikachu with Grey Felt Hat’ promo card, based on Van Gogh’s ‘Self-Portrait with Grey Felt Hat’ painting.

The card is a 60 HP Lighting Energy card with the ability Pika-Portrait, which allows trainers to search their deck for a Pikachu and Put it on the Bench, before shuffling the deck.

Pokemon news aggregate Serebii.net also relayed more Pokemon-themed artwork on display at the Van Gogh Museum.

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These pieces include a Sunflora-inspired take on ‘Sunflowers,’ Smeargle featured in ‘Self-Portrait as a Painter,’ and Eevee in ‘Self-Portrait with a Sun Hat.’

Hopefully, Pokemon and art-enthusiasts alike will be able to visit the Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam sometime during the collaboration.

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